Late night dealing with a supply line leak in San Leandro

Our team was called late at night in a house in San Leandro. The problem was that the water supply line was broken at some spot and had been leaking all day.  The ceiling, the walls, the wood flooring, the furniture and the cupboards  –everything was soaked with water.


Dryfast team performed Water Damage Project in San Leandro
Our team dealed with a flooding in San Leandro


When Dryfast team arrived they brought their specialized water damage equipment at the house to handle the flood as fast as possible. The team set up in work commercial dehumidifiers and air movers to get rid of the excess moisture quickly.

After the team examined the property they found that the leak damaged mostly the living-room, the kitchen and some of the bedrooms. After they extracted the excess water, they used dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the moisture in the air.


Water Damage project in San Leandro
One of the air movers Dryfast used for this project


Supply line leaks are often hard to be detected and sometimes some small leaks can continue for years even. When the water leaks are hidden the water escapes unnoticed and  this is not very cost-effective  for our  water service bill but that’s the smallest problem. Uncontrolled water leak can lead to a serious damage to the propery. The water meter can be used as a good indicator about water leaks. If the flow indicator gauge is working when no one is using water, then there is a leaking problem. So that’s why it is recommended to make regular checks of the household’s pipes, fittings and plumbing fixtures inside and outside the property.

The future task for the team in this Water Damage Project was to repair the cracked paint of the ceiling, change the wooden floor boards, repair the affected furniture and the damaged wallpaper on the walls.

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Dryfast team removed the damaged materials and set air movers
Air mover at work in the San Leandro house


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