Kitchen Mold Remediation, Bernal Heights, San Francisco

Mold Removal project that requires kitchen cabinet removal for disposal

It is a hard decision for the homeowner, but it is the only way to guarantee complete Mold Removal.

Ivan inspected the property and found that there is a leaking pipe inside the kitchen cabinet. Tenant did not notice the leak on time since it was a minor water leak. As a result it was absorbed into the wood and concrete.

On Ivan’s Mold Remediation Protocol we ca see the entire scope of work. It was involving water damage restoration and mold remediation of the affected kitchen cabinet. We set up a containment barrier to isolate the rest of the house and protect from mold cross-contamination.

In the process Ivan and his mold removal crew will utilize HEPA vacums, HEPA Air Filtration units, anti-microbial treatment, personal protection equipment. They will be securing the plumbing pipes, getting them ready for the new kitchen cabinet after the Mold Removal process.

The construction crew was able to complete this job in just 4 days when the matching kitchen cabinet arrived.

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