Installation of a new roof in Campbell by Dryfast

Our teams were called in Campbell  to check out a building whose roof was flooded. A recent heavy rain had caused a serious damage to the property’s roofing. The whole covering was drenched with water  and had to be renovated. The standing water on the roof caused some serious leaks inside the property and our team had the task to perform Construction and Repair Project.

In fact, this type of roofing requires regular maintenance and should be checked by an experienced roofer. Water proofing is a really important factor thing for the property to protect it from water. The roof installation should be done with high quality building materials so that the roof structure can endure severe weather conditions for as long as possible.

Usually the leaks caused by moist ceilings, unproper flashing system and  standing water can be a huge problem for this type of roof. Even the smallest faults in its structure can lead to serious problems in the future.

When our team arrived at the spot, they checked the condition of the roof to decide what should be done to restore it.

Our team of professionalits can help our clients to get through the restoration process as smooth as possible by following construction codes and regulations because we are fully equipped with cutting –edge equipment for any construction project. If you are filling an insurance claim, our team will handle documentation and communication needed.


Property Restoration in Campbell
Dryfast workers are installing the wooden parts of the roof


Property Construction and Repair
Dryfast worker shows the condition of the roof in Campbell property


Dryfast team during the construction of the office in Cambell
New wooden planks are being set on the roof




Dryfast property restoration project
The roof of the property before the repairment project


If you are interested in more of our services, see the Construction and Repair section on our page.


Dryfast team performed their project in Campbell
Dryfast’s project included the repairment of this roof


Property Restoration in Campbell
Dryfast team repaired also the shelter of the roof


Dryfast's property restoration project in Campbell
The roof of this property is affected by the recent flooding


This roof was soaked and needed repairing
The covering of this roof was damaged by the flooding


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