Dryfast team were called to an apartment in Castro Valley to perform their Water Damage Project

This time Dryfast team were called in to perform Water Damage Restoration Project in an apartment situated in Castro Valley. There was a flooding  there and most rooms of the apartment were affected.

You can follow from all the photos and the video the whole process of renovation. The flooding caused a serious damage to the apartment’s walls, wooden flooring,  ceiling, wooden framework, electrical wiring.


The damaged property in Castro Valley Dryfast team are working on.
The staircase in the apartment in  Castro Valley


Dryfast team are repairing an apartment in Castro Valley
Dryfast team are using air-movers for their project in Castro Valley.


Property Construction and Repair Project in Castro Valley
Dryfast team cut up the damaged part of the walls in the bathroom


Dryfast renovated the coridor in the apartment
The condition of the bathroom during the repairment project


Dryfast team repaired this apartment damaged by a flooding
Dryfast team performed Water Damage Restoration Project in Castro Valley
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