How To Remove Mold Using 4 Common Household Chemicals

How to remove mold the easy way using a few different chemicals people usually have lying around in their home if the growth isn’t too big.

It’s important to know you don’t always have to call a mold removal company if you discover some in your home. If you did we would spend all our time carrying out worthless mold inspections all day long. If the problem is serious you should definitely call Dryfast to book your inspection, but it’s also worth knowing a few tricks you can use to clean mold from your floors if it’s not too serious. Take a look at a few of these common household items you can use, and we’ll go into a little detail about each one so you could get to work straight away if you have a touch of mold on your floor.


Common Household Bleach

It won’t surprise you that bleach can get rid of mold as it’s not the kind of household chemical you would like to mess with. Anything powerful enough to clean your toilet is good enough to clean anything standing in its path. Although bleach is a toxic substance, it’s sitting at the top of the list today as it can kill almost any species of mold which makes it the most effective.

You will only be able to use it on things like cement and tiled floors, so keep it away from anything porous such as wood. The ideal number is one part bleach to ten parts water, and instead of goofing around with a spray bottle just use a bucket and sponge combo. Leave the remains sitting after the mold has disappeared so it won’t be able to come back.

How To Remove Mold Using 4 Common Household Chemicals
How to remove mold the easy way using a few different chemicals people usually have lying around in their home if the growth isn’t too big.

A Bottle Of Vinegar

Vinegar has been used as a green alternative to harmful cleaning products filled with all sorts of chemicals for the longest time, but it’s still weird to think the mildly acidic liquid you pour on top of your food has the strength to remove mold. Maybe you’ll be disappointed to know it’s only capable of killing just over 80% of mold species, which isn’t too bad and because it’s already in your cupboard it will be worth a go.

You can always combine it with the baking soda we’re going to discuss later on to bump the percentage up even higher. Due to the zero-toxicity of vinegar a lot of people will prefer it to bleach. If you’re one of them just spray a full concentration of vinegar on top of mold and after an hour wipe it away. Make sure the area eventually dries up after you’re finished.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You might have heard of hydrogen peroxide before if you’ve bleached your hair, but this time instead of making yourself blonde you can use the chemical to banish mold. Not only do you have a chemical with anti-fungal properties on your hands, but it’s also anti-bacterial and anti-viral so packs a powerful punch. It will work without leaving toxic fumes spreading throughout your home unlike the bleach discussed above.

You need at least a 3% concentration of the chemical in order for it to kill the mold, and when you’ve put it into a spray bottle and applied it to a surface it will be ready to scrape off after working its magic for around 30 minutes. You’ve just been told it can bleach your hair, so would you be surprised to know it will also bleach the affected area to lessen the severity of the mold stain?

How To Remove Mold Using 4 Common Household Chemicals

A Sprinkle Of Baking Soda

If you wanted to compare baking soda with anything it would need to be duct tape, which might sound strange because they don’t look anything like each other. They both share the quality of being able to perform hundreds of different jobs, and one of the things baking soda excels at is getting rid of small amounts of mold. It’s already known as a green household cleaner anyway, and I’m sure you’ll have some lying around.

It has a couple of qualities the others don’t contain, which is the ability to absorb moisture and eliminate smells. When you do have mold in your home and you use baking soda to wipe it away, because it absorbs water the mold won’t be able to come back. You only need to add around one teaspoon to a spray bottle of water and a scrubbing brush should be used to scrape off the mold.

How To Remove Mold The Easy Way

None of the things we’ve talked about today sound hard, right? In fact, with the exception of hydrogen peroxide you could have the ability to zap a small spot of mold right now. You know how to remove mold easily using regular chemicals people have lying around in their home, but do understand when it comes to a bigger outbreak of mold they won’t cut it. Call up Dryfast for a free initial mold inspection instead.

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