How To Negate The Need For A Mold Inspection By Using Common Sense

How to negate the need for a mold inspection by paying attention to a few basic things

When we carry out a mold inspection something is glaringly obvious, and it’s definitely not a coincidence because we perform thousands of them every year. In the vast majority of cases, the reason people end up with mold in their home is usually due to simple mistakes. You probably wouldn’t need a mold inspection in the first place if you knew about them. So we’re going to discuss a few basic things you should start doing now to prevent the growth of mold in your home and respectively how to negate the need for a mold inspection. Doing these things will never guarantee your home will always be mold free. It will just lower your chances of ending up with an outbreak.

Pay Close Attention To Your FaucetsHow To Negate The Need For A Mold Inspection By Using Common Sense

You know the water is meant to come out of the hole in your faucet. So when it’s leaking from the top of your faucet it’s safe to say something is wrong. You might presume a little water dribbling down the side of your faucet isn’t a big enough problem to fix straight away. Keep in mind –  you never know where it’s going to end up.

The problems start when you go away and leave the water running. This is because the water could disappear into an area where it’s allowed to sit unnoticed. Fix any faucet leaks as soon as you notice them from now on.

Use A Mat In The Bathroom

It’s always important to have a mat on your bathroom floor. If you step out of the bath soaking wet the water will end up flowing into a damp corner of the room. If the area is never dry it’s only going to be a matter of time before you end up with mold sprouting its ugly head.

It’s also good to take your mat outside to let it dry out, otherwise it’s always going to be damp and could become infected by mold. It’s too easy to ignore your bathroom if you’re in a rush for work, so get into the habit of keeping it dry.

Fix Any Cracks In The Wall

This is a problem that usually arises in the basement. It’s got to do with the cracks that eventually appear on the walls. As soon as you notice a crack you should get it fixed immediately even if you have to mix a little cement and do it yourself. Lots of people who call for a mold inspection knew there was a crack in their basement wall. They left it and by the time they went back down the mold had already started to form because water found its way onto the floor.

How To Negate The Need For A Mold Inspection By Using Common SenseKeep An Eye Out On Your Roof

When was the last time you checked your roof when you were outside your home? You don’t need a pair of binoculars to notice a missing tile unless your eyesight is terrible. If there is a hole in your roof you can guarantee rain will find a way into your attic even if it’s small.

Your attic will be dark and moist. In this situation as soon as puddles start to form you can count on mold making an appearance. Have a quick look up at your roof once per week from now on.

Look Behind Your Washing Machine

If the pipe at the back of your washing machine is leaking, you will probably notice the water spilling out from underneath it. What you might not notice is the puddles of water building up behind the machine. This will happen when you pull out damp clothes and leave them sitting on top of it for an hour. If the clothes are still wet the water will build up and run somewhere. Аlways have a quick look behind your washing machine to make sure the floor is dry.

No Need For A Mold Inspection

All of the things discussed could be solved by using a little common sense. Sometimes maybe the reason people ignore them is because they’re too obvious. Well after noticing a pattern with each mold inspection we perform, we’re sure you might not end up with with mold issues if you take them seriously. There are reasons for mold forming that you won’t be able to control, but nobody should have to call us because of the aforementioned problems.

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