How To Deal With Flood Damage Without A Mold Remediation Services Company

How to deal with flood damage using your own two hands if you don’t want to call a professional mold remediation services company to help you.

Mold Remediation ServicesUnfortunately your home could end up suffering from flood damage, and in some circumstances it might be wise to call a mold remediation services company to help with your problem. It’s always good to take advantage of professionals when damage limitation is the name of the game, but you might decide to repair the damage caused by the flooding on your own. Dryfast are always here to help should you feel it’s in your best interests, but we also want to provide you with amazing information that will help you save your home and prevent mold damage using your own two hands, so here is what you should do.

Take Out Unaffected Belongings

As soon as you notice the first sign of flooding, you need to stop everything you’re doing and remove all of your belongings from the room if they haven’t been affected by the water. Failure to do so right away might end up in you losing more precious possessions than you bargained for, so drop everything until your dry belongings have been taken care of. Put them into any other room in your home where you have space available, but don’t be lazy and leave them where they are. Even if the water won’t reach them you’ll need plenty of free space.

Remove Any Affected Belongings

One of the reasons you’ll need free space is to deal with your belongings already affected by the water, which should be cleared from the room once you’ve finished the last job. They should be taken outside to dry out, so don’t move them into another room in your home or it will end up soaked too. If the belongings are small you should put them in plastic bags to stop water from spreading everywhere, and larger things should be wrapped in plastic sheets if possible. Use the sheets to cover them when they’re outside in case it rains.

Remove The Flood WaterMold Remediation Services

If you thought removing the furniture from your flooded room was the hard part, you’d be wrong. The worst part of the job is trying to remove the flood water from the room, which can take a while depending on how severe the damage is. You’ll want to start with a mop and bucket to soak up as much water as possible. A mold remediation services company might even use pumping equipment, but that could be out of your reach. Don’t forget to get rid of all the dirt and debris the water brought along with it.

Dry Out The Room Completely

This part of the job will take the most time, but you have to ensure the entire room has been dried out before you do anything else. That doesn’t mean you should sit around waiting until the drying out process is complete, so help it along with the use of fans, heaters, and a dehumidifier. Open all of the windows in the room, but only if the air outside isn’t too humid. Another important safety aspect to point out is that electrical appliances can only be used if it’s safe to do so.

Dealing With Particular Things

When I mention particular things, I’m talking about stuff like carpets and drywall. If your carpet is soaked through you should say goodbye to it, as the padding will take forever to dry out and there is a good chance mold will develop because of it. Hopefully your drywall hasn’t been soaked through, but if it has you’ll need to cut out and replace the bottom of it. If you don’t it’s another place where mold will start to grow. Insulation inside the walls is the same as carpets, so because it will take too long to dry out you’ll need to replace it.

Mold Remediation ServicesDeciding What Is Salvageable

The most heartbreaking part of the job is deciding which of your belongings are salvageable. If you take them outside on a hot day there is a good chance they’ll dry out, but you can’t take anything back into your home if it’s damp unless you want to deal with mold. As hard as it might be, it’s possible you’ll need to get rid of some things. This will mostly apply to porous possessions as they’re more likely to be destroyed by the water. Cross your fingers and hope anything you need to replace isn’t too expensive.

You Can Always Give Us A Call

As a specialist mold remediation services company, Dryfast has all the equipment to deal with the water damage and we can make sure mold stays far away. If your problem is too big to deal with on your own you are free to give us a call. We always have a team waiting to help our customers, so we’ll be with you as quickly as possible whenever you give the word. If not, hopefully everything you’ve learned today will help you deal with the flood damage, although you’ll still need to fix the cause of the problem so it doesn’t happen again.

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