How The Mold Remediation Process Will Affect Your Personal Belongings

The hardest part of the mold remediation process is dealing with your infested belongings

During the mold remediation process Dryfast will come into your home to tackle the mold problem, but you must be asking yourself one question. Our past customers are always happy to let us work our magic on their actual home. They’re usually a bit more curious about what will happen to their physical belongings.

I’m sure you feel the exact same way as everyone else. So we’ll go through everything that will happen to them including the information you will find on your mold inspection report. You can rest assure we’ll do everything within our power to save as many of your personal belongings as possible.

We’ll Let You Know What Is Salvageable

You’re in luck because mold doesn’t destroy everything. So if your possessions are deemed salvageable we’ll let you know about it. We like to let you know about this early in the process, because your home being destroyed by mold is bad enough. So letting you know you’ll get certain things back will cheer you up. The items we’ll be able to salvage might look a disaster when you stare at them now. Once they’ve been worked on by our mold experts they’ll look brand new.

Tell You What You Should Throw Away

Mold has a habit of ruining certain things. Even though we have the greatest equipment available we can’t do anything if the mold has damaged anything beyond repair. The belongings you will usually find destined for the scrap heap will be porous materials.

You will have the last word in the matter. Please be aware we don’t tell you to throw something away unless we really mean it. If you’re sensible you should heed our advice as we’re acting with your best interests at heart.

Give You A Detailed List Of Everything

You should really start keeping a closer eye out for mold. When people do this they don’t end up with a very long list. Hopefully your mold damage hasn’t spread too far and it’s not occurred somewhere you keep lots of your belongings. We’ll give you a detailed list of everything the mold has affected anyway.

It’s great to have for insurance purposes, but you’ll also be able to keep track of what is happening with everything. We’re very meticulous so nothing on your list will disappear, but accidents do happen and this list will let you know about it.

Move Your Belongings To Our Facility

We will need to move everything out of your home, and it will be shipped straight to our purpose-built facility. Our controlled environment inside the building will stop the mold from damaging your belongings even more, because if they were simply thrown into storage it wouldn’t take long for some things to switch from salvageable to non-salvageable in a short amount of time. Once everything is gone you can expect them to be delivered straight back to you when they’re ready. The exact timeframe will depend on what we’re going to speak about next.

Begin The Task Of Salvaging What We Can

While your home is being repaired, our army of specialists at our facility will be trying their hardest to completely eradicate the mold from your belongings. Some things will take longer than others. If we’ve told you an item is salvageable it’s because based on over a decade worth of experience, we’re confident we can save it.

In the event of us changing our mind and deciding there is nothing we can do with something, we’ll leave it up to you and we can get rid of it with all the other non-salvageable items should you decide you don’t want to keep it.

The Hardest Part Is Now Over

The hardest part of the mold remediation process is definitely dealing with your personal belongings. But after going through each of the stages, it will be over and done with for better or for worse. I know some of our customers sometimes feel like their belongings are tainted even if they have been salvaged. We wouldn’t give you anything back until we were sure it wasn’t a danger to you. If you do need to get rid of some things you should look on the bright side. In this case it would be a trip to the shops to buy new things.

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