You Must Know Every Single Condition House Mold Needs To Grow

Know Everything house mold needs to grow

A lot of people assume mold grows out of thin air. They walk around their home one day and stumble upon mold as if by magic. This is simply not the case. House mold needs certain conditions in order to grow. If it doesn’t have any of them your home will remain perfectly fine.

We know it’s difficult to keep track of all the conditions inside your home. That’s why our specialists will take a look at what house mold needs. That way you can take an educated guess on whether or not it’s festering away inside your home at the moment.

You Must Know Every Single Condition House Mold Needs To GrowA Source Of Food

You’re going to think this is weird until you realize house mold is actually a living organism. It’s classified as a fungus although you shouldn’t get it mixed up with mushrooms. Once you know it’s technically alive you’ll realize it will need something to eat in order to grow.

Instead of pizza and pasta the mold inside your home will grow on things like floorboards and drywall. Unfortunately every home contains a food source for mold, so it’s one thing you can’t do anything about.

A Certain Degree Of Darkness

This might sound strange, but mold is unable to grow under ultraviolet light. I say it’s strange because you might be wondering if your home is in danger if you don’t have ultraviolet light bulbs in every room. The rays from the sun contain ultraviolet light, so house mold won’t be able to grow anywhere that comes into contact with sunlight. It will only be able to grow in shaded areas where it will get the darkness it needs.

It Needs To Be Warm

Although this might sound the exact opposite of what we’ve just talked about, mold won’t be able to grow anywhere it’s too cold even though it’s never able to grow in an area with direct sunlight. It makes sense when you realize there isn’t much living things capable of growing in freezing conditions, and your home is usually a lot safer in winter because of this. There are still some humid areas inside your home you need to watch out for.

You Must Know Every Single Condition House Mold Needs To GrowLots Of Moisture

When we talk about moisture the main thing you have to watch out for is leaks. If you end up with a puddle in your attic because the rain creeped in it’s easy enough to clean up, but would you really go to the trouble of completely drying the affected area?

You wouldn’t even know it should be done, which is why mold always has a much greater chance of growing than it should. There are some areas of your home where you wouldn’t even see the moisture, such as underneath a washing machine or refrigerator.

The Time To Grow

House mold isn’t going to grow straight away, and it will take at least a few days before it begins to form. This isn’t great because if you end up with flooding inside your home, you’ll have to keep an eye on the area for a while to make sure it doesn’t end up covered in mold.

Don’t just assume an area is safe if you don’t see any mold immediately, because in reality it can grow at any time as long as all of these conditions are met. Keeping an eye on mold forming is a full-time job and your eyes should always be peeled.

House Mold Needs Oxygen

You don’t really need to know any more other than the fact mold needs oxygen to grow. I seriously doubt there are any areas of your home deprived of oxygen. In case you were wondering about every single thing mold needs to grow you now know everything.

The Key Takeaways

I don’t know whether you’ve worked it out already. There isn’t really anything you can do to guarantee mold doesn’t form inside your home. The biggest thing you can watch out for is the moisture in dark areas of your home. That is where the mold is going to grow.

Luckily Dryfast are experts at getting rid of house mold and we’re only a quick phone call away, and because you are now knowledgeable about how it grows you will be able to spot it much sooner than before. This ability alone could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

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