The Dryfast Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire Damage Restoration Process: Helping You Restore Your Home To Its Pre-Fire Condition With Utmost Knowledge To Bring About Convenience For You

Fire is indeed a common disaster to any homeowner and property holder. It doesn’t discriminate. Thus, no matter where you live, or the real state of your home;fire could ensue at any time for different reasons. Apparently, a number of homeowners out there understand that fire is an awful nightmare that could destroy the entire investment in less than an hour.

While fire poses a great threat to home owners and property holders alike, we’ve noted with a lot of concern that a few individuals are always ready for the consequences. It’s during those trying moments of a fire breakout that the DryFast fire damage and restoration company comes into picture.

The Dryfast Fire Damage Restoration ProcessOnce a fire ensues, it’s always prudent to call the DryFast fire restoration to accomplish the job for you. You’ve to call us early, though, so we can accomplish the restoration task speedily and with utmost level of professionalism. Remember, the task involved in restoring a property can be rather daunting.

We’re a certified fire damage restoration company, and we can help you expedite the process of restoration. We always accomplish the entire process professionally, and in accordance with the local and state laws and regulations. We have many years of experience in this specialty, and you count on us to deliver great and commendable results.

Although each circumstance seems to be a little distinctive, we’ve some common steps that we often incorporate in the restoration process. We strive to make certain your home is flawlessly restored to its prior condition. The Process of Restoration encompasses the following steps:

Fire Damage Inspection and Assessment

We perfectly understand that the aftermath of a fire can be really devastating. In addition to the damage occasioned by the fire, victims can similarly suffer from the smoke and soot. The water that’s used in extinguishing the fire is equally no good, as it could pose a great threat to you.

We typically deal with all these issues during the fire damage restoration process, making sure that we don’t leave any stone unturned. Our professionals understand that even after the fire ceases, the destruction lasts. This obliges a speedy response to help reduce any possible misfortunes.

During the restoration process, we’ll first send our skilled and adept professionals to access your property. We’ll take a comprehensive survey of the property under damage so we can figure out the actual extent of the damage caused.

Fire, soot, water, and smoke often cause damages to the property;and thus we’ll record all the possible aspects of destruction. We’ll then submit a comprehensive report (this doesn’t take a lot of time) detailing the ideal findings to you, the owner of the property under damage.

We typically work hand in hand with you alongside your specific insurance provider to execute an ideal operational plan. Actually, the supposed operational plan is intended to be used in the restoration process—allowing us to accomplish the task expeditiously, safely, and economically.

The Dryfast Fire Damage Restoration ProcessEmergency Board Up

Often times, it’s imperative to first secure your home (or business apartment) in order to thwart any further damage. We know that certain external elements, including the rain and snow, could be harmful to a damaged property. We also strive to secure your home from conceivable vandalism and theft in the course of the restoration process.

To ensure your property is absolutely safe, we’ll barricade the doors and windows along with other exposed territories in your structure. Our key objective is in securing your property against further damage amid the restoration process.

Demolition and Debris

Depending on the extent of destruction induced by the fire, we’ll evacuate the debris left after the fire ceases. Apparently, it’s an essential procedure in our restoration process. The DryFast fire damage and restoration firm supplies tons of essential tools, dumpers, and trucks in the course of the process. These are far-fetched tools that we utilize in cleaning up the place and disposing off the remnants of the fire damage.

Water Removal and Drying

The water used in extinguishing a fire has an immense impact, because it’s ostensibly detrimental just like the fire itself. Our professionals at the DryFast Company utilize cutting-edge technology when it comes to drying and water extraction. We ordinarily accomplish the process promptly to minimize further damage elicited by water infiltration.

The water could possibly penetrate into the materials, such as fixtures, drywall, built-in furnishings, and structural wood—resulting in more loss and misfortunes. When water is left inside these materials for an extensive period of time, a homeowner counts extra losses. This is unfair, and we’re here to help thwart additional losses. That’s why we start the restoration process as fast as we can in a bid to counter the effect of water penetration.

Content Storage and Pack-Out

We pack and evacuate all the contents that require preservation. Those contents that require storage will be stored in a safe, secure place away from harsh climatic condition. Our skilled restorers store useful contents in a climate controlled setting until the restoration process is successfully completed. Prior to evacuation and packing of a homeowner’s property, we’ll also ensure all the contents are carefully documented, labeled, and inventoried.

The Dryfast Fire Damage Restoration Process
Fire Damage Restoration Process: Helping You Restore Your Home To Its Pre-Fire Condition With Utmost Knowledge To Bring About Convenience For You

Soot and Smoke Clean-Up

Smoke encompasses hoards of miniature gases and particles, which often settle into deposits called soot as it rises. The soot can stick to various surfaces on a damaged property, and thus will require the use multiple approaches and techniques to eliminate it. Similarly, exposure to soot often creates a number of health risks if not removed correctly.

We’re a licensed company that’s entitled to use special equipment, cleaning agents alongside credible techniques to evacuate soot. Using top-of-the-line technology along with exceptional approaches and skills, we’ll eliminate soot from your damaged home or business apartment with absolute ease and confidence.

Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odor has a way of penetrating into various materials in a damaged home. It can linger for a very long time, particularly if left untreated, posing hoards of health risks to you and your family. We first clean up odor causing residue prior to selecting and applying odor counteract ants to eliminate the remaining (or persistent) odors from the property under restoration.

Clean Up Restoration

During the fire damage restoration process, our professionals will skillfully and comprehensively clean and sanitize all materials and contents affected by the fire. Apparently, this procedure is meant to restore your home or business apartment to its pre-fire condition.
The DryFast professionals will clean and disinfect everything—right from electronic equipment to structural and HVAC cleaning.

We’ll even clean and disinfect your carpet to make certain your property is fully restored to its prior condition. Ostensibly, our professionals do not leave any aspect of your damaged property. We do everything to ensure that you get the best value for your hard-earned cash. Call us anytime for a free consultation and quote. We’re always at your service because we absolutely care.

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