Fire Damage Restoration

Fire in your home or property is very traumatizing. It threatens your family’s security and that of your hard earned valuables. It brings to a stop all the operations of a business and affects everyone in the vicinity. Fire damage restoration is a service aimed at salvaging the most possible value out the damage.

Fire damage restoration begins after the fire trucks and authorities have left. It starts the time you are told by the firefighters that it is safe to look around for valuables. Fire will most likely have damaged a lot of the property. The resulting smoke is acidic which is capable of corroding and staining surfaces of walls and furniture. Restoration should be done as early as possible, the longer it takes to start, the higher the chances that valuables will be damaged even more.

  • Within the first few minutes of the fire being extinguished, the acidic smoke remains will cause plastics to discolor. Some other properties such as marble could become permanently damaged.
  • Within a few hours, the soot from the smoke will cause yellowing fittings and fixtures, counters and damaging of unprotected metals.
  • When days pass, the acid will now leave a permanent discoloration of surfaces and walls, metallic surfaces will also start to rust. Clothing and other textiles will be stained to irreparable extents. Wood-made floors and vinyl made objects will have to be replaced.
  • If you let weeks pass by, it becomes even worse;metallic objects become corroded and severely damaged. Most of all the other items will no longer be usable.

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It is important to take the proper steps towards retrieving valuables. Sometimes people take some steps that are actually more damaging. Appropriate fire restoration requires a professional to deal with the effects of heat, water, smoke and fire.

It is recommended that one seeks the services of a qualified professional to do the restoration. However there are some things you can do to help while you wait for the arrival of a professional. Such actions include:

  • First, start by making the call to the property damage restoration company.
  • Open the windows- get fresh air moving into the house and clearing the smoke
  • Ensure your pets and children are in a place free of smoke. Gases are usually emitted by burnt stuff, the gases could be hazardous to their health.
  • You can seek help form trusted neighbors, friends or relatives to offer temporary housing for them until the process of restoring your home is complete.
  • Ensure you check your refrigerator and freezers and empty them. Open their doors to allow air in and avoid odors building up within.
  • Take pictures of all the damaged property. Write down a list of all the valuables that need to be replaced. Keep these documents safe, they will be needed for insurance purposes and for any other investigations that may be done by the authorities.

Fire Damage Restoration - Dryfast San Francisco

There are certain things that you should not do, lest they possibly destroy the items even more. A professional company has the necessary equipment and skills to carefully handle such, while avoiding risk of more damage. Here is a list of things you should avoid:

  • Do not sit on or move around the affected furniture
  • Do not consume any foods that were in the place, they may be exposed to extreme heat or smoke.
  • Do not wipe walls, furniture, wood trims and other surfaces that are absorbent in nature
  • Do not turn on the electrical devices like the TV or the stereo
  • Do not touch the electrical devices and any electrical metallic surfaces exposed due fire.

Fire Damage Restoration - Dryfast San Francisco

You should make sure you call the best firm to offer the services of damage restoration. You need to take into consideration the company’s ability and professionalism. We are a qualified company, with numerous qualities to prove that we are the best at what we do. We have:

  • Proper training to handle such damage restoration cases- this is backed up by formal certifications and documentation
  • Certifications to show that we have expertise on health and safety precautions
  • Wide experience in handling a range of such restoration services
  • A valid insurance policy
  • A license of operation from the government

You can be assured of our fast response, whenever our services are needed. Our crew is available on call on 24/7 basis. The company will stop at nothing to ensure they regain the most value out of your home or premises. Our crew is the most reputable and experienced in fire damage restoration, we are proud to continue providing the most efficient, fast and reliable services to our clients.

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