Find Out Why The Removal Of Affected Water-Damaged Building Materials Is Tough

Call Dryfast to handle the removal of affected water-damaged building materials in your home and we’ll get someone out to you as quickly as possible.

What is the first thing you would do if you found an area of your home with a lot of water damage? If you were smart you would call Dryfast and we would rush out as quickly as possible to extract the water from whatever material it’s destroying, but most people try to do everything on their own. There is nothing wrong with trying to dry up wet areas by yourself, although you will find it very difficult without the right tools. Eventually you will throw in the towel when you realize you’ve wasted your time and nothing can be saved.

Find Out Why The Removal Of Affected Water-Damaged Building Materials Is Tough

At this point it would be wise to call us up to assist in the removal of affected water-damaged building materials, because doing it on your own could cause even more damage. It also means more wasted money because you’ll need to get help eventually, but perhaps you still think you’ll be able to deal with it. Take a quick look at some of the materials you’ll be dealing with and you’ll soon realize removing them is a lot harder than you think.

Soaking Wet Carpets

Carpets aren’t the easiest things to work with at the best of times, because they’re heavy and they are a nuisance to roll up. Now think of the situation being a lot worse because the carpet will be much heavier and you’ll be squishing around as you walk over it. In order to remove it from your home you’ll have to cut it into pieces, which is dangerous, but you also need the right tools and you’ll still end up making a mess everywhere as you drag your smallish carpet pieces outside.

Drenched Drywall

There is nothing worse than having to say goodbye to drywall because of water damage, and that isn’t only because it’s tough to replace on your own. You will need to put in a lot of effort to rip it down and it will break apart, plus when you get closer to where it’s nailed in it becomes a nightmare unless you’re good with a hammer. You will need new drywall put up and you won’t be able to do it yourself, so it makes sense to let Dryfast remove it if we’re going to be putting new drywall up.

Wet Carpet Padding

If you thought the carpet itself was horrible, the soaking wet padding is a lot worse. Although it might be easier to handle, which is down to the fact it will crumble into pieces in your hands, you’ll make a mess everywhere and after everything has been cleared out you’ll still find random bits in strange places. If you try to throw everything into a bag to keep the mess to a minimum it won’t be long until it gets very heavy. You’ll be glad you let Dryfast do all the horrid stuff for you.

Find Out Why The Removal Of Affected Water-Damaged Building Materials Is Tough

All The Baseboards

The baseboards are similar to the drywall as they’re made from wood, but instead of being a part of the wall they’ll be lying on the floor. They take a lot of time to remove and wood isn’t as easy as carpet to lift up without little bits falling everywhere, especially when it’s really soggy. Once again it’s a case of the optimal solution being to leave the removal process to the company laying new baseboards down because it won’t cost much extra anyway, but it will save you so much time and energy.

Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is going to be the easiest thing to get rid of once it’s been removed from the ground, but that is obviously the tricky part. It’s especially hard if the company you hired to lay the vinyl flooring in the first place knew what they were doing. There is just no way you’ll be able to get it all off without driving yourself insane, and you can’t leave it lying there once it’s officially non-salvageable. On the plus side your vinyl flooring will be able to handle a lot more water, so it only needs to be removed occasionally.

It’s Unfortunate They Have To Go

It’s unfortunate the removal of affected water-damaged building materials has to happen, but in certain circumstances there is no other choice. Even if you phone us in plenty of time we can’t guarantee everything will be salvageable. But it still pays to get us to send someone out as quickly as possible, so if you have any water damage at the moment pick up your phone and call.

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