Find Out What You Will Get When We Determine The Mold Remediation Cost

Find out the exact mold remediation cost including a breakdown of everything that will impact you financially due to the mold.

Although we offer free initial inspections for all our customers, there will be a mold remediation cost if you decide to let us remove it from your home. What you might be wondering is whether or not we plucked a random number out of the air. This would be interesting but we promise that isn’t the case. The complete mold remediation cost will obviously vary greatly from property to property. We’ll talk about everything you’ll get so you know exactly how we come to our final decision. Although it’s detailed we’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you to understand.

A List Of Non-Salvageable Items

Even though you will not be charged for the items we deem non-salvageable, they’ll factor into the total cost. You’ll need to replace them should you wish to do so. It’s for this reason we think it’s important to let you know so you’re able to figure out the true cost of the mold damage. Hopefully you have insurance that will allow you to claim the money back for them. It’s also worth noting, just because we say they are worthless we can’t force you to dispose of them and it’s only a recommendation.

The Possessions We Can SalvageFind Out What You Will Get When We Determine The Mold Remediation Cost

For all the possessions we think are worth salvaging, we’ll transport them to our special facility where they’ll be kept in a climate controlled area. We will then go through the process of getting rid of the mold from them before returning everything to your home.

As this will occur a cost we will give you a list of the items beforehand in case you don’t want us to go through the sometimes labor-intensive process of cleaning them up. It might be worth throwing them away if you don’t care about them enough.

Exact Current Condition Of Your Home

To understand the total cost it will help if you have the details on the current condition of your home. We wouldn’t want you to think we’re charging too much. It might happen if you don’t understand the exact problems, because you won’t be able to see.

We’ll go into detail about everything the mold has affected. This is because we would like to help you realize the work needed to put everything back together again. Sometimes it’s surprising how much damage mold can do when it’s left to fester for long enough in certain places where it can affect the structures in your home.

Find Out What You Will Get When We Determine The Mold Remediation CostThe Cause Of Your Mold Outbreak

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but Dryfast are much more than a mold remediation company. We can actually carry out a huge number of jobs, which includes construction and plumbing. The mold outbreak would have been caused due to water. That might mean tearing down walls and fixing hidden pipes to make sure the mold doesn’t come back at a later date. It’s for this reason we talk specifically about the cause of your mold outbreak. If you decide to reject our proposal at least you’ll know what you need to get fixed through another source.

What We’ll Do To Remove It

The final thing you will need to know is what we’re going to do to remove the mold. We will include things like:

  • the equipment we’ll use to get rid of it
  • all the places we’ll need to access
  • the amount of hours it will take to complete the job.
  • It will also include all the materials we’ll need to replace. If some things need to be torn out and put back together again you will be informed too.

A good example of this is your drywall, which is sometimes easier to replace rather than clean due to it being a porous material.

We’ll Wait For Your Decision

After we’ve given you all the costs you will be given time to think things through. Once you’ve made a decision you can get in contact with us. We have specialists ready to complete every step of the process after you’re happy with the mold remediation cost. It’s also worth pointing out, you’ll be informed if your home is under attack from toxic black mold, because it’s much more dangerous and we’d rather everything was sorted out as quickly as possible to protect your health. It’s a type of mold that can cause serious health issues when you’re exposed to it for too long.

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