Water Damage Restoration FAQ’s

Water Damage Restoration FAQ’s

Q. How long will the drying process take?
A. Our goal is to dry the property within 3 days, however depending on the situation it could take up to five days if we have hidden trapped moisture behind kitchen cabinets, subfloors and framing.

Q. Should I file a claim with my insurance company?
A. If the water damage is small, most clients will not file a claim, considering you have to pay the deductible on your insurance policy, but in case of a medium to large water loss, we recommend that you file a claim, especially if you have neighbors  affected by the damage, the insurance claim will cover the liability.

Q. Will my insurance go up if I file a claim?
A. In our experience we see no significant increase in our past clients insurance premiums, however you need to consult with your agent.

Q. What should I do first when I have water damage?
A. The very first thing to do is to call a property restoration company, then you can start removing artwork and important items and documents from the affected area, when we get over we will continue with the rest.

Q. How long it will take you to get over here?
A. Our respond time is averaging 30 to 40 minutes depending on your location, we have 3 locations in the  San Francisco, Bay Area to be able to respond as faster as possible, our trucks are all equipped

Q. What if I have Asbestos in my walls?
A. Good question, we have it our questioner when we talk to the property owner, we ask which year was the property build, and this is how we determine, if the property was build prior 1980, we always send a testing company (or provide three different companies to choose from) to test asbestos before we cut any water damaged building material.

Q. Will the drying create dust?
A. If the drying process requires removal of affected building materials like, carpet, carpet pad, baseboards, laminate flooring, drywall yes this process creates dust, however we set up containment barriers to protect the rest of the property, we also cover in plastic

Q. Can I stay at home during the drying?
A. If you feel comfortable at home and  there is no hazardous objects and materials the answer is yes, however most insurance companies provide hotel budget for you, please  check with your insurance adjuster.

Q. Do you use any chemicals ?
A. We try not to use any chemicals during the drying process, in some cases when the water damage is excessive and prolongs the drying process, we follow EPA guidelines and apply Anti-microbial solutions, to eliminate chances of getting mold in your property, we also apply anti-microbial solution after Sewage damage or gross contamination. However we will consult with you prior the application.

Q. Are you planning on removing my carpets?
A. We will Remove wet carpet pad first to speed up the drying process, if we see no satisfying result by the second day we will make that recommendation, if this is an insurance claim we will than coordinate with the insurance provider/ adjuster.

Q. We had sewage damage, what is salvageable?
A. When we deal with sewage we are talking about grossly contaminated water, containing bacteria, viruses and possible blood pathogens, therefore we will follow the strict EPA/ Environmental Protection Agency/ industry standards, if the sewage touched any porous material , that material- item is considered non- salvageable, any non porous materials/ items like plastic or metal may be cleanable.

Q. Do you communicate with my insurance adjuster?
A. Yes we do, at the time of the service we will ask to obtain contact information of the insurance adjuster so we can stay in touch and coordinate during the process, we will get their approval prior any step of the restoration process.

Q. Are all of your services will be covered by the insurance?
A. 95% of the times our services are covered by insurance companies, it all depends on your coverage ! before any work is done we will coordinate with your carrier to ensure coverage.

Q. Does your company do repairs after the water damage?
A. Yes we do repairs! we are licensed General Contractors and we cover all aspects of the construction. We provide upfront construction/ repair estimates, we than coordinate with your insurance company to approve the service and we can than schedule the work,

Q. Can I turn off the drying equipment at night?
A. We do not recommend turning off the equipment, that will prolong the drying process and can promote mold growth. however if the equipment is too loud we will check for the possibility and inform you.

Q. Do you do pack out, moving and storage of personal belongings?
A. Yes we provide professional pack out, moving and storage at our climate controlled facility. most insurance companies do cover that service.

Q. Do you bill the insurance company directly?
A. We do send bill to your insurance company as a courtesy, however the contract is between you and us/ Dryfast.

Q. What if some of my personal content is damaged?
A. If any of your content was damaged from the water, and is not cleanable/ restorable, we will itemize and document all non- salvageable items and send that list for insurance review.