Mold Inspection and Remediation FAQ’s

Mold Inspection and Remediation FAQ’s

Q. Do you do Air Quality Testing?
A. Yes we do Air Quality Mold Testing and we provide detailed laboratory report including information on types of mold and  exact amount / spore count. This report provides valuable information that determine either you have mold or you don’t, and if it is over the limit.

Q. Can I stay at the property during the Mold Remediation?
A. You can stay as long as you do not enter the containment areas/ isolated areas/, if the entire property is affected then the answer is No. No entrance to work zones, those areas are under negative pressure and require special personal protection equipment prior entering.

Q. What products do you use in the Remediation process?
A. We use “Sporicidin”EPA registered product, safe to use around commercial and residential properties. However prior the use of these products we provide MSDS for your review.

Q. When can I re-enter the property?
A. The property can be re-entered ones we pass the final testing , also called Clearance Mold Testing. This  last Mold Test confirms effective Mold Remediation.

Q. Is Mold covered under my property insurance?
A. More and more insurance companies are reducing, some even excluding Mold coverage from their policies. You will need to talk to your agent to confirm  coverage. some insurance companies have limited mold coverage up to $10 000.

Q. What do you need to know for the Mold Inspection?
A. We usually try to obtain as much as information is possible on the property, that provides us valuable  information on the property, known pre- existing conditions and living habits of the occupants.

Q. I do not see any Mold growth, but I feel the Mold odor?
A. In some cases previous owners or residents try to refresh the property prior the sale of it, this covers up the mold signs and mold odors, improving the appearance of the property,  but not for long. Or the mold is in a early stage so you just started noticing. you may now have leaky window, roof problem or cracked siding where water gets into the interior of the property.

Q. Is the Mold I have in my property a Toxic Mold?
A. Toxic Mold is usually considered the Black Mold, Mold has multiple color variations, we always recommend Mold Testing to determine the type of Mold and Spore count. This Lab Report will answer this question.

Q. Why do you need to remove the walls in the Mold Removal treatment?
A. We need to remove all Mold Affected material, drywall is not salvageable if contaminated with mold, by removing the affected drywall, we provide access to the framing, then we treat the framing as well to ensure quality work, all of our Mold Remediation Procedures are following EPA standards and guidelines for professional Mold Remediation.

Q. Do you prepare work protocol on your Mold Inspection?
A. Yes when we perform the Mold Inspection, we also collect information by drawing a sketch and obtaining needed information to create step by step Mold Remediation Protocol.

Q. I have Mold in one of my rooms , how long it will take to Remediate?
A. One area/ room/ typically takes about 3 days to complete Mold Remediation, however after the remediation, the repairs needs to start to complete the project, repairs may take 3 to 7 days, depending on coordination.

Q. What do I need to do on my side prior the Mold Remediation?
A. Do not do anything! do not remove any content from the affected area, removing items can cause cross-contamination and affected other areas. we will pack out and remove all items if needed.

Q. Why do I need to remove and replace my carpet?
A. Most cases carpet and pad will need to be replaced, carpet especially in contact with Mold is considered non –salvageable since is a porous material.

Q. What is salvageable in my property?
A. Salvageable items very  and depends on level of contamination. In general all porous items are not salvageable. Items like wood and metal and plastic are cleanable/ restorable.

Q. I have Mold in my crawlspace, what should I do?
A. If there is Mold Growing in the crawlspace, standard procedure is to set the crawlspace under pressure, than sand all exposed framing and  treat with anti-microbial solution. same Mold removal method as interior.

Q. My closet has heavy Mold smell, are my clothes damaged?
A. Possible, again depends on level of contamination. most cloths are restorable after specialty dry cleaning. we do provide this service in-house.

Q. Can I use bleach to remove mold myself?
A. Bleach does not kill Mold, Bleach contains only 6% Chlorine, not enough to eliminate Mold. therefore the answer is No.

Q. Do you pack out and remove Mold affected items?
A. Yes, we provide pack out and moving/ storage for Mold Affected Items.