Emergency Sewer And Drain Cleaning 24/7 + The Advanced Equipment We Use

Find out about our emergency sewer and drain cleaning services we provide along with new equipment we use to locate and repair your problems.

Although there are plenty of easy ways to avoid it, most people end up with a blocked drain due to letting the wrong things fall into it. You’ll end up frustrated and eventually you’ll need to call a drain cleaning company, and they’ll come in and unblock your drain straight away. Simple tools like a snake machine have a 100% success rate at unblocking drains, so you can get back to normality as quickly as possible. There is only one problem, which has to do with severely blocked drains where the problem will keep reappearing until you deal with it properly.

Emergency Sewer And Drain Cleaning 24-7The Hydro-Jetting Service

Sometimes drain blockages aren’t the real problem, and they’re only the result of what is happening deep inside the pipes or sewer. If there is a buildup of anything more permanent than a little hair, you might have to ask us to carry out hydro-jetting on your drain system. If you couldn’t already work it out from the name, our hydro-jetting service uses an innovative machine to blast water at such a high pressure down the drain it takes everything in its path and sends it straight into the main sewer line within seconds.

The Blockages It Takes Care Of

I already mentioned hair earlier because it’s the leading cause of blocked pipes, but when you need the services of a high-pressure hydro-jetting machine it’s always because the blockage is caused by something much worse. To highlight what is possible using the machine, we’re going to look at the top things it will flush out of your pipes and sewer line.

The Roots Of Trees

The roots from nearby trees will sometimes find their way into a sewer line or even a broken pipe, and you won’t notice anything until your drains are blocked. Water runs down your drains and the roots feed on it, which will make the problem a lot worse. There is no way you can even reach those roots using an ordinary tool normally employed to remove blockages, but hydro-jetting has such a venomous force it will blast those roots away with ease.

Soil And Mud

What is your home sitting on as we speak? Unless your home is sitting on stilts, it’s going to be sitting on tightly-packed soil. I mention the word ‘tightly’because when it’s packed tightly enough there is no way water will be able to leave your pipes at the speed in which you desire, even if some will seep through eventually. It won’t be quick enough to avoid the water coming back up, so you’ll need hydro-jetting to break it up.

Built Up MaterialEmergency Sewer And Drain Cleaning 24-7

Built up material could mean many things, but for arguments sake we’ll assume it’s toilet paper. On its own you would expect it to break up and flush away quite easily, but problems start to arise when it doesn’t get away. It’s one such material that can also become almost solid if allowed to pack tightly, and when that happens hydro-jetting is the only way to push it into the main sewer line.

Too Much Grease

Grease is a little like the mud we have already talked about, and although it will take much longer to build up it will eventually happen over a number of years. This will only happen if you don’t follow proper etiquette and pour grease down your drains, and when you do the only thing capable of removing it is a high-pressured blast from a hydro-jetting machine. After the buildup is gone you’ll know to dispose of grease correctly in the future.

Broken And Collapsed Drains

There is one thing hydro-jetting won’t be able to solve, which is broken and collapsed drains. Although the broken and collapsed drains can cause more problems than blockages, with mold growth being one such example, they will need to be repaired using other means if you find your drains backing up and nothing is able to get rid of the issue. Dryfast has a special way of locating the problem, which we’re going to look at in more detail right now.

A Sewer Line Camera

When we suspect your drain blockage is more serious, we’ll send a sewer line camera inside to hunt out the problem. By using this advanced technology we’ll not only be able to confirm our suspicions, but we’ll know the exact location where the breakage or collapse has taken place. Armed with this knowledge, we will be able to go in and repair the problem without tearing everything up. It’s a lot different these days, because without the sewer line camera it was almost impossible to pinpoint the location where the drain or sewer pipe had been compromised.

Emergency Sewer And Drain Cleaning 24-7Saving You Time And Money

Our hydro-jetting service will save you money in the long-term, because you’ll know once a drain has been unblocked the problem won’t present itself again a few short months later. The sewer line camera will save you money too, and we’ve already talked about the reason which is the fact we won’t need to hunt around for the problem any more. In both instances you’ll save a lot of time, because your home will be fully-functional a short time after we’ve paid you a visit, which brings us to the next point.

Emergency Sewer And Drain Cleaning

Dryfast are all too aware our customers are going to suffer from problems at any point during the day or night, so we offer emergency sewer and drain cleaning 24/7. It doesn’t mean you need to call us up and wait for our arrival if your problem isn’t serious, but we understand there are certain things that can’t wait until the morning. There is no difference in price no matter what time you call us, so you don’t need to worry about extortionate 4am call-out charges.

We’re Waiting For Your Call

Given the fact we don’t charge extra if you call us in the middle of the night, you would think our charges would be higher than usual. It’s simply not the case, and we’re proud to say we offer very competitive prices you won’t need to worry about. Right now there is someone waiting on the other end of the phone for your call, so as soon as you have any sewer or drain blockage problems reach out to us whenever you want and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.

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