Effective Fire Damage Repair to Restore a Fire-Ravaged Home

Fire is perhaps the worst thing that can befall your house or property. The damage that a fire can create, even if it is just small, can be substantial. Big, raging flames, on the other hand, are unstoppable and can reduce anything that’s in their path into ashes.

After the fire truck is gone, you are left with a property that has not only suffered from fire damage, but also water and flooding damage caused by the fire fighters’valiant efforts.

Indeed, fire is devastating to any home or business. Some owners might want to try to do the repair and restoration themselves –but the truth is, this is next to impossible. Without a doubt, professional services are essential to ensure effective fire damage repair, and prevent further damage from happening to the property.

Type of Damages to Home and Property


The fire itself can cause damage to the structural integrity of the house. Aspects of the house’s structures – walls, windows, ceiling, and foundation –can be damaged and weakened. Other important elements such as lighting, appliances, furniture, clothing, and valuables are also affected and may even be rendered useless.

A property that is damaged by a huge fire is often removed of its basic structures to see if the foundation has not been greatly effected. Reconstruction is done only if the pillars and beams have been tested for their strength.

Fire Damage in San Francisco - Dryfast

In the effort to save a home from fire, water is mainly used to put it out effectively. However, in most cases, the property is damaged by water pressure. Water will also saturate the walls, ceilings, and floors. Any presence of water or moisture promotes the growth of mold and rotting of wood if it is not removed. Therefore, the home must be completely dried to ensure full restoration.

Likewise, as the water mixes with ashes, a blackish, mud-like substance, is formed everywhere and covers all exposed surfaces. This material stubbornly clings to the surfaces, making it difficult for the latter to be cleaned.


Fire Damage in San Francisco - Dryfast
Smoke causes great damage as it creates unwanted odor on the things that had been exposed to it during the fire. Smoke can be persistent;it tends to linger around for days, long after the fire has been put out. This makes it difficult for restorers to perform the repair and restoration. It will be inconvenient as well for those living around the property. Repair includes tedious and meticulous clean-up of items and structures affected by smoke.

Common Repairs for Fire Damage
Walls and floors – Soot removal
Professional restoration methods using chemicals are necessary to remove soot from ceilings, walls, and floors. It is a must that the substance is completely removed before the repainting of walls and re-carpeting of floors are done.

Water damage restoration
Restoring companies use special industrial fans to dry out all parts of the home completely after a fire. Walls and ceilings must be dried to ensure that they do not expand over time. Thoroughly dried home prevents the growth of mold and discoloration of walls, ceilings, and similar surfaces.

Basement flooding – Water removal
The basement and other low portions of the house will suffer from flooding due to the great amount of water used to put out the fire. Proper drying of basement will have to require professional water suctioning and removal.

HVAC – Smoke odor removal
Smoke can easily seep into the air ducts, which can result in foul smell every time the air conditioning unit or furnace is turned on. Professional fire damage repair services must be performed to clean the air ducts and ensure proper use of the HVAC system.

Furniture, carpet and clothing –Odor removal
Smoke can cause foul smell to come off from almost anything that it touched;especially the furniture, rugs, carpets, and clothes. Ozone treatment is applied to remove or minimize the presence of any offensive smoke odor.

Fabric and upholstery cleaning
Discoloration can also be caused by smoke on upholstered furniture and linens. Fortunately, these can be restored and saved thru proper cleaning and treatment using special chemicals.

Repair Immediately
It is ideal that fire damage repair and restoration is done as soon as possible after any fire. It is to ensure that the cost of the restoration process is minimized. If you allow the fire damage in your home unrestored for a long period of time, the state of your property might become worse.

Remember, too, that effective fire repair requires the use of special chemicals, tools and equipment. Hence, it is a must that the process is left in the hands of a professional to ensure proper and complete restoration of your home. Opt for the company that specializes in effective fire damage repair services to ensure that your home is restored back to its pre-fire condition.

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