Dryfast team worked on the reparation of a cosmetic studio in Pittsburg

Dryfast team this time were called in Pittsburg to handle a case of flooding in a cosmetic studio. Their task was to make an overall repairment of the studio and bring it to its previous condition. Their Water Damage Restoration Project included  extraction of the excess water from all carpets and hard surfaces.


As you can see from the photos Dryfast team renovated every corner of the studio. Before the start of their renovation project they removed all of the affected materials because they work as a moisture barrier. Our teams provide targeted ventilation and dehumidification of the whole property. In this cosmetic studio the sheetrock was removed, the wood paneling, the ceiling, the carpet padding and replaced with new materials. All of the damaged furniture and equipment in the cosmetic studio was changed. The bathroom and the vanities were repaired too.


Water Damage restoration of a cosmetic studio
The ceiling of the studio is visibly affected by moisture


Dryfast team performed property restoration
Dryfast team made full reparation of  this cosmetic studio after a flooding


Water Damage Property restoration
All the cupboards in the cosmetic studio were renovated


Our teams were able to get rid of the water and moisture from the flooding and save the affected materials quickly because they used commercial grade water restoration equipment. Our drying equipment is suitable to all kinds of problems. We can handle water damage situations in large commercial amd multi-story buildings.


The cosmetic studio in Pittsburg
This cosmetic strudio was affected by Water Damage

If you want to learn more about our services, check out our Water Damage Restoration section.

The bathroom of the cosmetic studio is repaired
The new condition of the bathroom in the cosmetic studio after the reparation


The renovated bathroom in the cosmetic studio
The cosmetic studio has a newly repaired toilet


The bathroom appliances were also repiared.
All the bathroom appliances were changed in this damaged bathroom


Water Damage Restoration Project
The walls of the cosmetic studio were also affected by the flooding and needed fixing


Property Repairment after a Water Damage
Dryfast crew changed all the furniture in the damaged cosmetic studio


The studio's bathroom was completely changed
The mosaic in the damaged bathroom was fully replaced


Water Damage restoration in a Pittsburg property
The bathroom of the cosmetic studio was also damaged by the flooding


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