Dryfast team performed Water Damage Restoration Project in a commercial building in Rohnert Park

The team of Dryfast this time were called in due to a big commercial water loss in Ronhert Park. The crew  performed there Water Damage Restoration Project. A commercial building was flooded and the whole floor of the first unit was covered in water. It’s a storehouse with a lot of goods in there that were affected by the water.


Water Damage Restoration Project by Dryfast
Dryfast team is removing the excess water in the affected building


Before every water extraction process our crew makes use of infrared cameras and digital moisture meters in order to  determine the degree of the water damage in the particular building. They also have to make sure that the whole moisture source is correctly located.  In every Water Removal Project, the first task for the team is to separate from the water the objects that are not affected by it. In this warehouse there were dry cardboard boxes that had to be saved. Then to remove the affected building materials  such as drywall, panelling because they work as a moisture barrier and also other materials that are not salvageable.

Then they had perform water extraction from hard surface. For every water damage restoration project, Dryfast’s crew uses commercial grade water restoration equipment. For this particular builidng they used flood extractors to remove the excess water as fast as possible.


Water Damage Restoration Project in Rohnert Park
The commercial building in which Dryfast team performed their Water Damage Restoration project


Check from these photos and the video the condition of the flooded property.


Water Damage Remediation by Dryfast
Dryfast worker is using a flood extractor to remove the excess water


Water Loss Restoraton Project in Rohnert Park
This warehouse is seriously affected by the commercial water loss.


Water Damage Restoration Project performed by Dryfast
The hard floor of this commercial building is seriously flooded.


One of the storerooms in this building affected by flooding
Some of the goods in this commercial stockroom were badly affected by the flooding


Every water damage restoration procedure performed by Dryfast includes targeted ventilation and dehumidification in many spots of the property. For example such as subfloors, kitchen cabinets, vanities, attics, ceilings, cavities, inside walls, crawlspace and hard to reach places. Our teams own the right equipment for all kinds of water damage issues.


If you want to get more information about other services by Dryfast, check our Water Removal and Water Damage  Restoration section on our page.


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