Dryfast team performed Property Construction and Repair Project in Union City

Dryfast worker team were called up to a house in Union City for another Property Construction Project. Their task was to make a complete renovation of a property there.


You can see from these photos and the videos the result of their job. Dryfast team’s work at this property included changing all the tiles there. The team covered the entire house with a new stucco,  put new framing. The garage was completely renovated, the kitchen was completely remodelled. Also, all the woodwork outside at the balcony was changed, the bench, a new automated gate was set at the courtyard.



Part of the property construction include beforehand examination of the extent of property damage. No matter the size of the damage, Dryfast team strives to  provide always a  professional assistance in a timely manner.  Our teams serve commercial, government, residential and multi family apartment buildings.

We offer our clients repair estimate on insurance claims related with disasters such as water damage, fire damage, earthquake, storm damage and animal contamination.Moreover, after the first assessment of the damages, we present the details of the project to the client and answer all their questions.

Because we  always train our teams of technicians, project operators and office managers to keep up with the new standarts of the construction industry, we are able to bring back the client’s property to its pre-damage state as fast as possible.  We own the necessary equipment to perform the services in an effective way.

If you are interested in more of our services, you can visit the  Construction, Renovation and Remodelling section on our page.



The property in Union City
The building’s garage – part of Dryfast’s Property Construction and Repair Project




Property Construction and Renovation in Union City
The balcony’s renovated floor by Dryfast



Dryfast team performed complete property renovation in Union City
The garage of this property was completely renovated by Dryfast team



Property Renovation in Union City
Dryfast team made complete renovation of the garage too.
Property Construction Project by Dryfast
The driveway in front of the house is in a rebuilding process.


Property Construction Project in Union City
Dryfast workers are rebuilding the driveway of the propety in Union City


The driveway of the house in Union City
The front side of the house in Union City.


Pallets with cobblestone for the project
Pallets with cobblestones for the house’s driveway.


Property Construction and Repair Project by Dryfast
Dryfast team are setting new cobblestones on the driveway.



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