DryFast to the rescue for this flooded San Francisco building

DryFast was contacted recently by the owner of a San Franciscan style apartment building located in the Union Square area of the city itself.

water damage

water damageThe owner was frantic as there was a flood in a couple of bathrooms. Luckily, we handle water damage and flood emergencies quite often and reacted quickly enough. We sent over two techs for the job, both Jaime and Ivan. Ivan reported that there was standing water on the 1st and 2nd floor bathrooms alike, which led him to proceed and check on the 3rd floor just in case it was affected. To his relief he found no damages to the 3rd floor and the floors and walls were completely dry.

Jaime found that the 2nd floor room was flooded and also the bathroom mat. It looked as though there was some kind of overflow or possible back up. Our guys then drilled some holes behind the toilet and on the wall that is shared with the hallway. They found that the vanity toe kick was completely rotted out too and made the decision to remove the entire thing. There was some discoloration under the cabinet and it looked like the cabinet had sustained a lot of water damage. Overall, cleanliness in this unit’s bathroom was very low. Ivan set up an air blower and a dehumidifier machine was also set up in the bathroom to air it out, dry the saturated surfaces and to help get rid of the odor.

The wall that is shared with the common hall in the bathroom is wet and also a small area of the carpet outside the bathroom. Holes were then drilled in the bathroom and an air blower was set up. Carpet padding was pulled up in front of the bathroom and a blower set up facing the floor to dry it. water damage

The common hallway baseboards were removed to ensure that no moisture would be locked in and another air blower was installed.

Damages on the 1st floor were not as bad, but there was some definite damage to the ceiling from the water spill. We had to cut an area of 2×2 to remove wet insulation and inspect for any damaged pipes. No leaks were found in the pipes, which confirmed that there was a back up. A dehumidifier and air blower were installed to complete the job. These steps that our techs take here at DryFast are successful solutions and according to code. Nobody needs the stress that floods can cause and we are here 24 hours to assist you.

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