DryFast performs a water mitigation in the Stockton

DryFast recently responded to a service call from a customer regarding a leaky dishwasher in his apartment room in Stockton.

DryFast performs a water mitigation in the Stockton

DryFast performs a water mitigation in the StocktonDryFast performs a water mitigation in the StocktonThe apartment owner called us immediately after his dishwasher began leaking water, explaining that not only was the machine leaking water inside and some outside as well, but it had also caused a huge leak leading straight down into the apartment unit directly below his. When you are dealing with older appliances in older homes, it is quite usual to have these issues occur.

DryFast provides same day convenient service in many cases like this, and we always send techs who are professional and experienced with water mitigation, as well as water extraction and repairs. Our tech on this site had determined that the cause of the clog was due to the tenants placing dirty dishes into the dishwasher and running it without rinsing the dishes off first. Many people do this very same thing on a daily basis, not realizing that this can actually cause the machines filter to become clogged up and then overflow. In this case it caused the water to leak out from the front of the appliance and also flow down and out of the pipes above the apartment home below. Once we figured out that this was the cause, our DryFast performs a water mitigation in the Stocktonexperienced technician proceeded to fix the issue by cleaning out the filter and then running tests to ensure it was working properly again.

Once we made sure that it drained all the way through and that it was free of any further leaks, our techs moved downstairs and began remediation in the second apartment. DryFast always keeps a clean work area, so our techs draped plastic around the kitchen to protect it from gathering any dust. Next, an area measuring about 2×3 was cut out of the ceiling below where the leak had occurred. It was cut out around the light so that we could ventilate the ceiling joist, and also make sure that the structure of the building, as well as the ceiling were completely dry. Once the cut was completed, our tech then covered the hole with plastic and a duct was attached to an air mover machine, which DryFast installed to dry out the wet area directly and to maximize the drying process.

The framing and ceiling were completely dried out in only 2 days time. DryFast monitors each individual project daily, and we always provide the speediest service possible. Both tenants were satisfied with the overall job and also the same day service.

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