Dryfast performs Property Construction Project in Millbrae


Dryfast team are in Millbrae for their new Construction and Repair Project. After they had delivered the materials for the house by trucks at the job site, they began with the construction. Besides the building of the house, the team has to build a drainage system of the whole property.

For example, a part of their task was to build framing, roofing, put underground wires, sewage piping system and other normal property necessities.


Dryfast's Project in Millbrae
This house is a part of Dryfast’s project in Millbrae


Construction and Repair Project performed by Dryfast
The house in Millbrae which Dryfast team are constructing


Construction Project by Dryfast
The building of this property in Millbrae is in progress


As you can see from the photos and the video here, instead of setting the wires above the house, Dryfast team decided to put them 2 ft underground. This method of connection is more convenient and makes the service invisible.

Construction and Repair Project performed by Dryfast
Dryfast’s digging tractor is creating holes for the conduits.


Property Construction in Millbrae
The holes for the conduits of the underground service are ready.



Dryfast's Project in Millbrae
The base of the stairs at Millbrae property is also ready.


Here is an example of the application of an interesting technology in this Project. Dryfast team are installing a trenchless sewer line. This kind of pipe the workers are using is really durable, as it can last 20 years.


Property Construction Project by Dryfast team
Dryfast are using a special technology for putting an underground pipe.


Property Construction by Dryfast
Dryfast workers connected the building to a underground service.



During all Construction Projects our Dryfast teams adhere to construction codes and regulations needed for the proper performance of the projects. Our teams are industry trained in order to provide professional assistance in a timely manner. To ensure the quality of the service, we work closely with government officials and property owners.


If you are interested in other services by our team, check the Construction and Renovation section on our page.


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