Mold Out Services crew were called in Sebastopol for another Mold Removal and Remediation Project

Mold Out Services team went to Sebastopol to renovate an apartment that was affected by mold. The mold source caused serious damage to the stucco of the walls and also the PVC joinery, the floor and the ceiling. Their Mold Removal and Remediation Project included several steps.

First,  they had made  inspection of every corner of the property and tried to detect any mold traces. When they found an existing mold, our certified technicians prepared detailed proposal for mold remediation which includes full protocol of the reparation process that needs to be done for customer approval. Our team determines what had caused the mold damage: excess moisture, possible leaks in the property, water intrusion, etc.

After they completed the inspection, as in every other Mold Removal Project, they set up a containment barrier from the spaces that are occupied,  in order to isolate properly the spot were   going to work on.


All the window sills were renewed in this propetry
Mold Out Services renovated the property completely and changed the window sills and the PVC joinery


The ouside bars of the damaged Sebastopol property
Mold Out Services team renovated also the metal bars of the property


The PVC joinery and the metal bars outside the apartment
The condition of the windows and the metal bars outside the Sebastopol property


The PVC joinery in all rooms was renovated
Mold Out Services team removed the mold in all rooms


Mold Remediation Project in Sebastopol
Our team renovated the PVC joinery of the property


Mold Removal in Sebastopol
Mold Out Services changed the PVC joinery on the balcony of this property


This wall is clearly damaged by mold
Mold Out Services repaired the stucco on all of the walls


Property Repairment after mold damage
A worker from Mold Out Services at the job site


Mold Remediation Project in Sebastopol
The windows and walls of this apartment were seriously damaged by mold.

When the mold remediation protocol is ready and approved by the client, our teams are ready to start with the mold removal process. The standard mold cleaning procedure include the removal of mold damaged material. For instance this includes any kind of building material that is visibly affected by mold with the exception of framing  for which mold remediation solution is used.

If you want to learn more about our services, check  Mold Removal and Remediation section on our page.

Mold Removal and Remediation Project in Sebastopol
Mold Out Services team repaired the walls in this damaged apartment


Mold Removal and Remediation Project in Sebastopol
The outer side of the windows of the damaged propery in Sebastopol.


The windows in this apartment needed changing.
The stucco of the walls was seriously affected by mold.


Mold Remediation Project by Mold Out Services
Mold Out Services team made full repairment of the damaged PVC joinery.


The window framing in this property was renovated
The wooden window frames of the property in Sebastopol


Mold Out Services were in Sebastopol
Mold Out Services team repaired the damaged wooden window sills.


The damaged windows in the Sebastopol Property
During the mold remediation process


The property in Sebastopol is damaged by mold
The stucco on the walls is peeling as a result of the mold damage


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