Dryfast crew save an untended house in Roseland

Dryfast team were called in this time to repair an old house in Roseland. Nobody lived in the house because it was in a deteriorating state and needed serious repairment. The new owners, who were planing to move in there, wanted to renovate it as fast as possible and so they called our team to the spot.

The wood joinery of the windows was shabby  and there was excess moisture in the whole building. The paint on the exterior wood panels was blistered and there were cracks on them. The inside of the property was also in a bad condition. All the rooms’s interior and furniture was affected by the moisture and really worn out.  As you will see from the photos, the flooring was wet from the excess moisture, the piping needed changing and some of the house’s wood planks were rotten.


Our Construction Renovation Project included complete replacement of all wood panels, wood joinery, the windows, doors, ceiling, roof repairment. When our team arrived there, they determined that the inside walls should be repaired too.  Also the gutter, the electricity wiring and water piping.


Dryfast team performed Property Restoration in Roseland
The exterior old panels of the wooden property



Dryfast team performed property repair project in Roseland
The wood framing and the sills of the windows are in a horrible condition




Dryfast crew repaired this deteriorating window sills
The window sills are in an awful condition –drenched with moisture and deteriorating


The window framing in an poor state
Dryfast team performed Property Construction in Roseland



Dryfast property restoration project
The window sills were in a poor state when the team arrived


Construction of an old property
All the doors and wood paneling in this property needed repairment


Dryfast team had to remove the old carpets and the wood flooring
The floor of the deteriorating property in Roseland was moist and the carpet was worn out


Thank you for reading, we will post our next Construction Renovation Project soon.


Property Construction and Repair
The wooden framing of the windows was shabby and needed repairment


The window sills were really shabby
Dryfast team had to change the wood joinery of the house


Repairnent of a shabby house in Roseland
The rooms of the house were also damaged –there was dirt and moisture everywhere


Repairment of an old house in Roseland
The plaster of the walls inside the house was affected by mold


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