Dryfast crew were in Santa Clara for their Water Damage Restoration Project

Our teams were called out in Santa Clara for another Water Damage Restoration Project. The property there was seriously damaged by a recent flooding.  Our team first started removing all the affected materials out of the building. After this they cut the wood panels of the walls in half in order to change all the electricity wiring, then to install new sockets and electrical wires, and build new walls.

Dryfast team performed water remediation project
Dryfast team cut in half the affected wall in this flooded building


The wood walls are wet by the flooding
You can see how much the wood panels are affected by the flooding.


Property Renovation in Santa Clara
All the wood panels in this property were affected by the flooding


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Property Repairment in Santa Clara
Wood panels in the property affected by the flooding


Dryfast builder renovating the kitchen
Worker from Dryfast is removing the moisture from the kitchen area.


The kitchen of this house also was renovated.
Dryfast team renovated all the rooms including the kitchen.


Water Damage remediation in Santa Clara
The walls were cut in half so that to be replaced with new one.


Water Damage Restoration in a house in Santa Clara
Dryfast team removed half of the walls here to renovate them and install new electricity wires.


Property renovation after a water damage.
Dryfast team built new wiring into the walls.


Dryfats's water damage restoration project in Santa Clara
This bathroom is going to be repaired by Dryfast’s crew


Water Damage Restoration by Dryfast team
Part of the bathroom in this building Dryfast is renovating


Water Damage Restoration Project in Santa Clara
Dryfast team are making a full repairment of this property in Santa Clara.


Dryfast's water damage restoration project
The floor in this room is obviously affected by the flooding


Water Damage Project by Dryfast
The bathroom’s condition during the repairment process


One of the rooms during the Water Damage Restoration
Dryfast had to remove all the doors and wall panels during their project


Property renovation in Santa Clara
Half of the walls in this property were removed to be replaced by new ones.


The floor of this building was repaired and the wood panels were changed.
This floor is also affected by the flooding and has to be changed.


This wooden building was wet by a recent flood
The place where the ductwork is was also flooded and needed renovation.


Dryfast team's task was to detect all the moisture here.
Some of the corners of this house were still wet after the recent flooding


The plan of the building's construction.
Dryfast created construction plan of the property



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