Dryfast crew were called in to a flooded apartment in Windsor

Dryfast crew were called in to a flooded apartment in Windsor
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The owners of an apartment in Windsor called and informed us about a flooding. Most parts of the building were affected by the flooding and especially Unit 5 which was seriously damaged.

When our crew arrived at the property they checked the condition of the apartment and informed the client about what should be done.

First, our team had to remove all the damaged materials that are non salvageable  and put protective nylon on the salvageable items. The first step in their Water Damage Restoration Project  included the containment of  the flood with their specialized water extraction equipment.


As you can see from the photos the flooring of this apartment was seriously damaged and our team had to remove the soaked carpets in all rooms. Their next step was to remove all the moisture from the rooms by using dehumidifiers and air movers. The team also had to repair the damaged hard flooring, install new parquetry and restore the damaged wallpaper and sheetrock of all walls.



Water Damage Restoration Project in Windsor
Our team removed the carpets in this flooded apartment


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The flooding affected the sheetrock
Dryfast team cut up the damaged sheetrock to replace it with a new one


Dryfast team used these air movers
The air movers used in this project to deal with the flooding


The drywalls were really damaged by the flooding
The drenched parts of the drywall were cut up and repaired


Dryfast crew repaired the drywalls in this property
Dryfast team removed the damaged drywalls and set up new ones


The drenched parts of the sheetrock were changed
Most of the drywalls in the property were damaged


Dryfast team repaired the drenched linoleum
The flooring of the apartment needed repairing too


Dryfast team installed new tiles
The flooded tile flooring had to be changed too


All the undamaged furniture was protected
The furniture in this bedroom was covered in order to be protected during the repairment


Dryfast team changed the bathroom appliances
The flooding damaged the flooring in the bathroom



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