Deck construction in San Rafael

This time Dryfast team was in San Rafael to build a new ground-level wooden deck in the courtyard of a house there. In their Property Construction Project they built a barbeque area there and also renovated the old wood fencing.


One of the rules while building a deck is to laid it on soft, flat and levelled ground. This particular deck is attached to the building.  The first step for the team was to level the ground and dig holes for the concrete posts. Then they poured the concrete and set up the stumps and bearers for the foundation. They fixed the frame and add the joists. Next, they  set into place the main beams and installed the decking material. When the deck boards were ready, they checked the beam alignment and attached joists to beam faces and added fasteners. When the deck was finished, a ballustrade and deck stairs were added too.


Before the beginning of every project, our teams prepare a complete protocol about what procedures should be done in the property and then present it to the client for approval. We help our clients prepare plan for the property and have an engineer draw the blueprints of the construction project. They also consult with them about the overall design. We pull permits on all of our construction projects.


Dryfast team during the construction project
Our team during the construction of the new deck


Dryfast team built new wooden fence
Our team set up new wood planks on the fencing


Thank you for reading, we will post our next Property Construction Project soon.

We from Dryfast always train and educate our technicians to meet the constantly changing standards of this industry.  The specialized  equipment we use in every project helps us to handle all aspects of the construction project. We work parallelly with client’s insurance adjuster.


Dryfast team built a new wood plank fence
Dryfast team built new wood fence around this  house in San Rafael


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