Daly city residents find water creeping in through the cracks in Daly city

Water damage led these Daly city residents straight to us, as looking for some relief.


water damage

water damagewater damageThe client explained that water was leaking through his porcelain tiles in the shower, causing damage to the entire area and he wasn’t sure exactly how this was happening. We at Dryfast specialize in just this sort of thing, so we were happy to go take a look and inspect the area to see what the problem was and what we could do for them. Once our techs determined that the issue was caused by the pipes behind the wall leaking, we scheduled them for immediate repairs. The burst caused a leak in the drywall and the water had seeped through to the tiles, causing a majority of them to crack and some to fall off completely. Other areas of the shower were completely rusted, as the leak had been there for quite some time.

We removed all tiles, cleaned up all rusted area and tore out the drywall that had been damaged. Our techs called a plumber to fix the leaky pipes;Once that was complete we dried out the inside walls with an air mover and made sure there was no sign of mold. We then replaced the old drywall with a new purple drywall, which will stand up much better to moisture than what these residents had before. It’s always best to use a moisture resistant wall in areas where there is water nearby, this will help to avoid any damages, and will be more durable, therefore lasting much longer. This job only took our team here at Dryfast one work day to water damagecomplete, and yet another satisfied client was given some relief.

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