Crawl Space Water Damage , rusted drain pipe leak from the bathroom in San Carlos

Crawl Space water Damage is hard to locate on time, especially if the Water Damage is coming from a pipe underneath the house, but weeks later, sometimes months, sewage flies comes around and they start going in and out of the crawl space through the crawl space vents around the house.

Water Damage
Water DamageWater DamageThis house in San Carlos had a completely corroded sewer line/ drain pipe/ that was leaking straight into the crawl space, purring contaminated water every time the homeowners used the bathroom.
John the project manager together with Luis, crawled in the crawl space to inspect it, they have found hundreds of gallons of standing water underneath the house, larva, flies and other creatures were found living in the water.
Water DamageThe Water Damage Restoration protocol called for: Water Extraction, contaminated soil removal, anti-microbial treatment , structural drying, soil replacement and first of all plumbing repair to stop the source.
Thank you for reading, we will post our next Water Damage or Mold Remediation project soon.
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