Crawl Space Clean-up in Los Gatos

This time Dryfast  crew received an emergency phone call from Los Gatos and sent a team to respond immediately. The problem was that one of the rooms of the house began to get flooded.

The home’s inhabitants sensed bad odour in the house and didn’t know where it was coming from. When our team arrived and made examination of the whole property, they discovered that the unpleasant odor was coming from the crawspace under the building. There was a huge flooding there and the contaminated water caused the awful smell. The cause for the flooding was a cracked pipe. There was too much pressure and the old pipes just couldn’t endure it. Dryfast team explained to the customer the necessary steps they had to perform to deal with the flooding as fast as possible.

Our teams had to perform Water Damage Restoration Project which included water extraction and sewage extraction caused by the burst pipe and decontamination of the heavy odors. Also replacement of the contaminated soil should be done, if the soil it’s really contaminated, the debris should be removed and replacement of the air duct.


As you can see from the photos and the video this incident caused serious flooding and needed quick containment. Our team used trailer mounted vacuum pump to extract the water. When all of the water was removed, our technicians changed the affected soil with a new one. Also every spot of the crawlspace was treated with anti-microbial solution to achieve disinfectation and stop the spreading of bacteria and viruses. When everything was ready, plumbers were called to install new pipes.


Dryfast team performed their project in Los Gatos
Our team had to deal with a serious crawlspace flooding


Water Damage Project in Los Gatos
Dryfast team dealed with a serious crawlspace flooding


Water Damage Restoration Project
Our team responded quickly to a crawlspace flooding in Los Gatos


Thank you for reading, we will post our next Water Damage Restoration Project soon.


Crawlspace flooding caused by a burst pipe
Our team performed water extraction in this flooded crawlspace.


Flooding containment in a crawlspace
Crawlspace flooding containment in a property in Los Gatos.


Water Damage Restoration Project
The flooded crawspace in the Los Gatos building.




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