Giving You an Exceptional Opportunity to Completely Overhaul Your Home To Achieve Your Ultimate Expectation

So you’re probably looking for a professional company that offers supreme Construction Services in a timely manner? Well, you’ve indeed landed on the right place. You can rest assured we’ve got you covered in every aspect of your project construction, renovation as well as remodeling.

Dryfast is a licensed and insured restoration and property damage repair company servicing the San Francisco area and its surrounding environs. We typically provide professional construction services for residential, commercial, government as well as multi-family apartment buildings. Our skillful professionals work hand in hand with property holders alongside government officials to bring about the much desired quality of service.

General Contracting
Dryfast is a general contractor conveying the highest level of integrity and trust to its clients. We highly value our role in the accomplishment of your project, and that’s why we often take all the essential steps that ensure the end result meets your critical needs while making us proud.

Dryfast supplies all the necessary materials, such as equipment, labor and services. Our specialty contractors help with building permits, besides monitoring the schedule as well as cash flow to induce a really safe and assertive project site.

Completely Overhaul Your Home To Achieve Your Ultimate Expectation
So you’re probably looking for a professional company that offers supreme Construction Services in a timely manner?

Presenting Unrivaled and Professional Construction Services
We supply our professional construction services to the residents of San Francisco—including Bay Area California. Our company specializes in insurance repair projects and property insurance construction, along with non-insurance projects occasioned by water damage, fire damage, as well as storm and earthquake damage.

Our property repair professionals boast an unsurpassed capability to faultlessly repair your property, making certain all the projects are effusively restored to their pre-loss condition. Additionally, we fully adhere to the most stringent construction codes and regulations while on the job. We handle the construction process from start to finish, yet we complete all our projects with the utmost level of professionalism and in a timely approach.

Construction Management
Our company’s construction management philosophy is centered on the development and interaction. We typically focus on inclusive kind of workmanship among the client, the construction team, and the design firms. We start the management process as soon as the award is approved, working together diligently with you from the inception to the finish.

We maintain the highest standards of integrity in business;and hence a job is considered piecemeal if the water/wastewater treatment facility fails to become fully operational. We’re always obstinate in our task, and we ensure we execute a pretty job that satisfies you, our highly valued client.

Industry Trained Professionals
We pride ourselves in our industry trained property construction and repair team that handles every aspect of your construction project. In addition to working closely with our clients, we equally work hand in hand with client’s insurance representative and adjuster to successfully complete a property claim. Apparently, this ensures that the property damage is restored to its prior state efficiently, and in a cost-effective way.

Completely Overhaul Your Home To Achieve Your Ultimate Expectation

Dryfast Cutting-edge Technology Executes Concrete Results
Our construction professionals perform a comprehensive site inspection to figure out the degree of property damage. To successfully achieve this, we incorporate the Xactimate damage estimation software—a cutting-edge software used by most insurance firms.

We typically provide estimates on insurance claims triggered by disasters, such as fire damage, water damage, animal infestation, as well as earthquake and storm damage. Our company conveys a full service construction that encompasses inspection and estimates.

Our services include (but certainly not limited to) the following:
–New construction
–Insurance claims
–Non-insurance repairs
–Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
–Waterproofing interior and exterior
–House shifting repair
–French drains
–Electrical rewiring
–Roofing services
–Sewer line replacement
–Contaminated insulation replacement
–Board up services

Our company boasts more than 20 repair/construction trucks that are fully equipped, alongside thousands of incredible tools necessary in handling the construction project. This ostensibly implies that we’re seamlessly equipped and ready to begin your construction project at any time. We often make sure your construction project is performed expeditiously, which explains why all projects are started as soon as your estimate is approved.

Why Choose Us?
We’ve more than 12 years of disaster management practice, alongside over 10,000 successfully accomplished projects. Our company is not just qualified, but it’s also insurance approved choice when it comes to constructing, restoring and cleaning your property. We’re particularly licensed in Nevada and California.

We specialize exclusively in construction, restoration as well as environmental projects. We’re one of the few companies that own and operate the latest (and most recommended) industry fire and water damage restoration equipment. This enables even the most critical clients to get perfectly secure services they deserve.

Completely Overhaul Your Home To Achieve Your Ultimate ExpectationWith us, satisfaction is not only guaranteed. We believe it’s a number one priority and we’ve the obligation to provide only exceptional services. Don’t worry about the quality of service;rest assured that our professionals possess the right skill and aptitude. We similarly supply some of the best warranties in California. Aside from guiding clients throughout their claim and documentation procedures, we guide them through every step during the restoration process.

It’s pretty safe and rather easy to say Dryfast provides an up-to-date insurance documentation in the entire industry, allowing clients to file their insurance claims with absolute ease and confidence. We take care of every step of the documentation;and consequently you’ve got a reason to count on us.

Our company operates on a 24/7 basis all the year round. We often respond to emergency situations in less than 45 minutes. Simply give us a quick service call and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll be at your doorstep within no time once you make that call, helping you assess your damage professionally and speedily. We’ll provide you with our free initial estimate when we come over to inspect your damaged property, or start a new construction.

In a nutshell—Dryfast is a giant company that provides a wide array of construction services. Nevertheless, although we claim that we’re a big company that supplies a range of services, our prices are ridiculously affordable. Sounds ridiculous, right?

Well, trust our sentiment;we execute quality standard projects with attention to detail within a reasonable schedule on a reasonable budget. We always walk the talk and our services suit everyone even individuals operating on a tight budget.

We take pride in our skilled teams that guide different projects with an ultimate standard of professionalism, right from conception to completion. We partner with clients in every step of the way, listening courteously to their requests prior to developing a clear and mutual vision for the project.

Dryfast collaborates with superbly skilled and proficient engineers, architects as well as subcontractors all around the globe to convey a client’s vision to reality. This is a great interactive approach that guarantees attention to detail and quality workmanship in every step of the way.

Our core mission is to accomplish a perfectly finished and secure structure that makes you happy and us proud. We strive to make our clients happy. Your happiness and satisfaction is our joy. Call us now for a FREE consultation and possible estimate.

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