From When The Flames Get Put Out To The Cleaning And Delivery Of Your Possessions

Find out how Dryfast will complete the job from when the fire goes out until the cleaning and delivery of your spotless personal possessions.

From When The Flames Get Put Out To The Cleaning And DeliveryAfter the fire has been put out a few things will have to happen, so you’ll have to be prepared for all of them. The first thing you’ll have to do is call Dryfast, and as soon as you do our construction division estimator will visit you to look over your home. They’ll have to inspect your entire home to see exactly what needs to be done, because once they go away they’ll have to come up with an estimate. After going back and forth with your insurance company we’ll eventually settle on a price and you can start to get excited.

Carrying Out The Work

A couple of problems are going to pop up during the duration of the project, but we’ll get the most boring ones out of the way first. Can you imagine what a house will smell like after it’s been set on fire? If you’ve never experienced the smell before you don’t want to, especially if it’s coming from your own home. We will need to get rid of the fire odors using a few different methods you can read more about on the site.

The structure of your home will need to be completely built up again, and the amount of work needed will depend on how bad the fire was. Entire walls might need to be replaced, or perhaps you will just need new drywall and floorboards because the firefighters managed to put out the flames in time. Speaking of firefighters, when they rush out to your home and start attacking the flames they will use water to put them out.

When they spray water everywhere it means your home is not only going to be in a terrible state because of the fire, but all of the water will ruin everything too. Just think how much damage your children could cause if they pretended to be Rambo with a water gun and times that scenario by a thousand. To cut a long story short, we will need to make sure everywhere is completely dried out and all the water has been extracted. This brings us to the most important thing you’ll be interested in the most.

Cleaning And Delivery Of Your Possessions

From When The Flames Get Put Out To The Cleaning And Delivery

While all this construction is going on a couple of things are going to happen depending on the state your possessions are in.

• Non-salvageable
• Salvageable


Although it might upset you, it’s safe to say a few of your personal possessions won’t be salvageable. Let’s hope none of the things on this list include any family heirlooms, and if that is the case you’re in luck because your insurance company will give you money to buy replacements. All of the non-salvageable items we find in your home will be carefully documented so they can be evaluated before you get money back for them further down the line by your insurance provider.

From When The Flames Get Put Out To The Cleaning And DeliverySalvageable

Some things won’t be completely destroyed, but they’ll still need Dryfast to work some magic on them. All of the possessions in this category will be taken to our official cleaning area where they’ll be worked on until they’re almost as good as new. Once we have completed the job we’ll arrange a time with you, and when they’re back in your home the cleaning and delivery process will be complete. How long this will take depends on how many things we have to clean.

It Won’t Take As Long As You Think

When you read through everything it looks like the entire process will take a long time from beginning to completion, but we want your life to get back to normal because it’s crucial our customers are always happy. The main sticking point will be the overall damage the fire has caused as we’ve already mentioned, but unless you live in a mansion it shouldn’t inconvenience you too much.

If you’re in a position now where you need a company to do everything for you, we’ve quickly brushed over the service Dryfast can offer you. If you would like to know any more you can get in contact with us today because the quicker we know about your situation, the quicker we can solve it and deliver all your possessions back to you. It’s terrible news about the fire, but now it’s time to rectify the problem.

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