5 Reasons Why Customers Rate Our Free Certified Mold Inspection So Highly

5 of the biggest reasons why our free certified mold inspection is so valuable

One of the biggest reasons why Dryfast offers a certified mold inspection for free is because not doing so would be dangerous. Can you guess how many times we show up at someone’s door and they haven’t actually seen any mold growing anywhere in their home? If you smelled a funky odour but you didn’t see mold you wouldn’t want to pay for a certified mold inspection. Perhaps you wouldn’t even want one if you were suffering from symptoms known to be caused by mold. But now that you feel confident of calling up if you only suspect mold you’ll save yourself from these 5 serious things.

Signs Of Poor Health

There are certain signs of poor health you’ll notice once you’ve breathed in enough mold spores, and they range from good to bad. At the start you could find yourself coughing more than usual. Keep in mind that within a short amount of time it could lead to headaches, constant watery eyes, and a difficulty breathing. In some cases people have even been known to lose their hair, and I know for some of you out there that is worse than all the other reasons combined. If you’re going to lose your hair, do it gracefully through aging and not because of mold.

The Potential For Death

Now I don’t want to scare you, but you have to appreciate the full extent of the danger you’re in even though no mold is visible in your home. If there is toxic mold growing in a hidden crawlspace you can bump up those signs of poor health by at least a thousand. In some cases the symptoms you develop could lead to death, because they include respiratory, circulatory, and neurological problems. There is even the potential for reproductive system failure in both men and women. So although you might not die you will be unable to create life.

Destruction Of Personal Belongings

You work hard to put enough food on the table in order to feed your family. You take some of the money you have left to buy beautiful possessions as well. How would you feel if mold came along and stole them away from you? I know for a fact our previous customers weren’t ecstatic when it happened to them. Even though our company has quality equipment designed to salvage personal belongings we won’t be able to save everything. Your best chance of walking away with all your belongings intact is to grab your free certified mold inspection as soon as possible.

Tearing Up Your Home

Once we start the mold remediation process, we’ll come into your home and start ripping all the affected materials out. I know it’s not in the same league as the aforementioned problems. Think about how happy you felt when you decorated your beautiful home…Now quickly switch to us tearing everything apart and carrying it out in plastic bags. Your home will be ruined until you redecorate, but some things can’t be fixed. We won’t start tearing out the framing of your home, so if it’s affected the only thing we can do is treat it with a chemical solution to kill the mold.

Certified Mold Inspection

It’s A Complete Inconvenience

Maybe you have insurance and they’ll give you all the cash you need to put everything back together again. But do you really think you still won’t lose money? What about the days you have to take off work? What if the mold is so toxic and time-consuming to fix you’ll need to move into temporary accommodation? It’s not a far stretch of the imagination to say it would inconvenience you severely, and it’s easily avoided if you call about your mold inspection early as it won’t have a chance to get any worse.

It Might Not Get Any Worse

We’ve covered a few rough things you could go through because of something as disgusting as mold. So although your problems might not get any worse do you want to suffer through anything we’ve talked about today? The answer is obviously no. So now you understand why people find the free certified mold inspection we offer so valuable. Keep an eye on your health and always have your nose open for musty odorus. Then phone us when you suspect mold.

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