Institute of Certification –Certified Firm 2010 –Dryfast Restoration

Institute of Ispection Cleaning and Restoration Cerification


be it known that:


Is a registered with the Institute of Ispection, Cleaning, and Restoration Cerification, and has pledget to implement on advanced training program and a course of study leading to the certification of all On-Location Operators actively engaged in providing services to the consumer in cleaning and restoration and has pledget its support in establishing and maintaining a professsional allitude in the conduct of it`s daily business at all times and providing the consumer with the highest degree of profesionalism possible.

Patrick Winters, IICRC President                         Company Number 157209

           Paul Pearce, Chairman of the Board                              Valid throught 12-31-2010

Institute of Sertification – Certified Firm 2010 – Dryfast Restoration