Bathtub spills 100 gallons of water, causing major Water Damage, North Beach, San Francisco

Dryfast responded to a major 100 gallons  water spill in North Beach, San Francisco, door malfunction of this new model walk-in bathtub caused Water Damage to the entire apartment, including common areas and hallways, this water damage is one of a kind  and the very first experience for us. we have never responded to this kind of water damage in San Francisco.

 Water DamageWater DamageWater Damage
Water DamageWater DamageLet’s talk about the Water Damage here, so  the water leaked through the waterproofing seal, client was unable to stop the water while under panic, and we totally understand that, so water got out of the shower causing damage to the bedroom, living room, and of course bathroom area, on the outside- common areas, we had to extract water from carpets, remove and relocate furniture, basically the entire unit was flooded.  
Water DamageWater DamageThis unit is located on the second floor so we do have one more unit affected, this is going to be a long day, Dryfast dispatched additional water damage restoration crews to the location so the job can be done faster, set up drying equipment, remove affected materials, cut and remove wet carpet pad, set up Dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air, air movers to provide ventilation.
Water DamageThank you for reading we will post another Water or Mold Restoration project tomorrow!
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