Bathroom Overflow project in San Francisco

DryFast was called out to a water damage site in the Outer Mission district of San Francisco.

A home owner had discovered wetness, moisture and even visible condensation in their bathroom. While some amount of wetness in a bathroom is normal, because of the amount of water that goes through the shower, taps, etc., this level of moisture was unusual and potentially concerning.


water damage


We came out and ran some moisture location tests. Our skilled technicians determined that the excess water was originating from the ceiling, in the form of a small leak from an upper-floor bathtub. The inspection showed that this water was flowing down the spout whenever the bathtub filled up, causing a localized overflow.


water damage


DryFast water damage experts covered the entire bathroom with plastic, establishing a containment zone and ensuring the room would remain clean throughout the work process. We measured the problematic area and opened the ceiling up. Our plumbers came up to fix the broken parts. The work was done very quickly, and the leaks stopped.




The owner told us, “I’m super happy with the work Ivan and Stefan did. They were professional and very courteous. They fixed the leak in just three hours, which is less than the full workday other companies quoted. Thanks, DryFast!”


water damage

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