Basement room in San Francisco gets Water Extraction and Repairs

San Francisco is home to so many beautiful structural masterpieces but many of the homes in San Francisco are over 50 years old, leaving a number of residents with some major maintenance and upkeep.


RepairsRepairsDryFast was contacted recently with reports of water damage in their basement room on Grove street. A drain pipe outside of the basement of the home had become backed up and all the contaminated sewage water had made its way into the room, flooding almost half of the premises. Ultimately this flood damaged the carpet and the walls as well. The residents of the home took the necessary precautions to ensure that no mold would have time to grow on the wet areas, and they called the right place to do the job! DryFast reacted immediately and sent out one of our water damage professionals to handle the job.

Our professional tech Ivan first began by taking moisture readings and using a thermal camera to locate the area up to where the water had spread. After the moisture mapping was complete he then began working on removing all of the affected materials in the area. Since this was the case of a backed up drain pipe, it was necessary that he remove all of the affected materials since they may have been contaminated by the flood. These are our standards and also the industry standards which we stand by. Next, by using the moisture map we created, Ivan then proceeded to remove all of the wet carpet and carpet pads up to the point where it was dry and free of any damage. All of the wet walls were also removed up to 2 feet above the floor and replaced. Everything was then cleaned up and the concrete floor was cleaned with a pressure steam washer and then sanitized.

RepairsRepairsTo complete the process we then installed 1 extra large dehumidifier and 3 air movers in order to dry out all of the wet structural material in the area until free of any moisture. The entire process only took our tech about 3 days to complete and the residents were grateful and pleased with the speedy service and stellar results.

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