Mold Inspection Project in Daly City

Air Quality Mold Testing Daly City Project in by Mold Out Services

DryFast Services team has performed Air Quality Mold Testing Daly City Project in a property there. They had to perform mold inspection and as you can see from the photos here they used for this purpose Zefon cassettes. They offer a considerably accurate method of determining the quality of the air in a certain environment.  [caption id="attachment_610" align="aligncenter" width="5312"] Zefon cassettes that DryFast Services team used for Mold Inspection in Daly City.[/caption] What we used for the project? The purpose of these Air-O-Cell® cassettes is to detect a wide variety of airborne fungi such as mold spores, fibers (cellulose, fiberglass,…
Why Black Mold Remediation Is Crucial If You Want To Live A Healthy Life

Why Black Mold Remediation Is Crucial If You Want To Live A Healthy Life

Why black mold remediation is so important A huge list of all the harmful effects it can have on your body if you leave it too late. Do you know how some drugs are more dangerous than others? They all enter your system and have an effect on your body. The dangers you face depend entirely on what you take. The same thing can be said for mold, and it's why Dryfast stresses the fact black mold remediation must be completed as soon as you notice any inside your home. Some of the side effects the mold has on your…
mold removal

Everything You Need To Know About Mold Removal

When it comes to discussing about mold removal, there are a few essential aspects that need to be taken into consideration. You may want your family to stay healthy especially within the confines of your home. Debris can lead to asthma and allergy issues for you and your family. In addition to that, unwanted moisture can cause similar if not more dangerous problems. Mold removal is crucial for maintaining quality air in your home as well as avoiding major health problems down the road. In the following paragraphs our specialists will share with you everything you need to know about…
Mold Removal and Remediation by Dryfast

Mold Out Services crew were called in Sebastopol for another Mold Removal and Remediation Project

Mold Out Services team went to Sebastopol to renovate an apartment that was affected by mold. The mold source caused serious damage to the stucco of the walls and also the PVC joinery, the floor and the ceiling. Their Mold Removal and Remediation Project included several steps. (more…)
Find Out What You Will Get When We Determine The Mold Remediation Cost

Find Out What You Will Get When We Determine The Mold Remediation Cost

Find out the exact mold remediation cost including a breakdown of everything that will impact you financially due to the mold. Although we offer free initial inspections for all our customers, there will be a mold remediation cost if you decide to let us remove it from your home. What you might be wondering is whether or not we plucked a random number out of the air. This would be interesting but we promise that isn't the case. The complete mold remediation cost will obviously vary greatly from property to property. We'll talk about everything you'll get so you know…
Here Is What You'll Find Inside Your Detailed Mold Inspection Report

Here Is What You’ll Find Inside Your Detailed Mold Inspection Report

Find out the exact details of what you'll receive when we send you the mold inspection report. Learn what you need to do if you want to proceed with the cleanup. By now you probably already know Dryfast will give you a free mold inspection. We'll visit your home and our mold specialist will work hard to determine if you do have a mold problem and how bad it is. After we're done it will be time to go away. Do you have any idea what will happen next? There is a process to go through before we can start…
How The Mold Remediation Process Will Affect Your Personal Belongings

How The Mold Remediation Process Will Affect Your Personal Belongings

The hardest part of the mold remediation process is dealing with your infested belongings During the mold remediation process Dryfast will come into your home to tackle the mold problem, but you must be asking yourself one question. Our past customers are always happy to let us work our magic on their actual home. They're usually a bit more curious about what will happen to their physical belongings. I'm sure you feel the exact same way as everyone else. So we'll go through everything that will happen to them including the information you will find on your mold inspection report.…
How To Negate The Need For A Mold Inspection By Using Common Sense

How To Negate The Need For A Mold Inspection By Using Common Sense

How to negate the need for a mold inspection by paying attention to a few basic things When we carry out a mold inspection something is glaringly obvious, and it's definitely not a coincidence because we perform thousands of them every year. In the vast majority of cases, the reason people end up with mold in their home is usually due to simple mistakes. You probably wouldn't need a mold inspection in the first place if you knew about them. So we're going to discuss a few basic things you should start doing now to prevent the growth of mold in…
Check Your Appliances for Proper Venting &Drainage

Kitchen Mold Remediation, Bernal Heights, San Francisco

Mold Removal project that requires kitchen cabinet removal for disposal It is a hard decision for the homeowner, but it is the only way to guarantee complete Mold Removal. Ivan inspected the property and found that there is a leaking pipe inside the kitchen cabinet. Tenant did not notice the leak on time since it was a minor water leak. As a result it was absorbed into the wood and concrete. On Ivan's Mold Remediation Protocol we ca see the entire scope of work. It was involving water damage restoration and mold remediation of the affected kitchen cabinet. We set…
5 Instances Where The Removal Of Mold Damaged Materials Needs To Take Place

Mold Damage in bathroom, SOMA district, San Francisco

Dryfast was called on a Mold Inspection in downtown San Francisco. The apartment had minor leak from the roof this winter. The Landlord did not respond as quickly as needed, which caused the Mold condition.  The drywall stayed soaked for couple of weeks that caused further problem. We now have visible Mold growth, and the smell is strong. Occupants try to keep the door closed at all times so no Mold spores come into the house and keep the window open to get some fresh air. Our Mold Inspection discovered that the drywall was still wet 3 weeks later,…