Aquarium leak repairment in Pleasant Hill

Dryfast crew are on another Water Damage Project. This time they were called in Pleasant Hill to deal with a huge flooding in a commercial building. The flooding was caused by an old aquarium of a big size.

The aquarium was old and one of its walls cracked and there was a huge water flow in the entrance of the building. The old sealing of the walls was weak and  gave up under the big water pressure from the inside.

When Dryfast team arrived at the spot, they first  had to extract the water from the floor as fast as possible using their commercial grade water extraction equipment and save the undamaged furniture. After all the water is removed, they perform targeted ventilation and dehumidification. They set up air movers and dehumidifiers to deal with the excess moisture in the air.


Dryfast workers are going to repair the cracked aquarium
The aquarium that caused the flooding in front of the building



It is good to prevent leaks in the first place. We should regularly check the seams of our aquarium. One way to do this is to run our fingers along the inside and outside seams of the aquarium and also check whether the hoses and other connections aren’t cracked. These routine inspections will save us a lot of trouble because we will be able to detect the little leak on time.  Moreover, it is good to use 100% silicone sealer  without any additives to seam the edges properly.

As is the case with every project of ours, we documented this Water Damage Project step by step, especially when our client was filling an insuarnce claim. Our team handles the entire documentation and communication needed for their claim.


Water Damage Restoration Project
Dryfast worker at the job site


Thank you for reading, we will post our next Water Damage Restoration project soon.


Water Damage Restoration Project in San Leandro
The aquarium was ransported to a repairment shop


This water aquarium caused a huge flooding
Dryfast team dealed with a huge flood caused by an aquariumin a comercial building


Water Damage Restoration Project in Pleasant Hill
Dryfast team transported the aquarium to a repairment shop


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