Air Quality Mold Testing Daly City Project in by Mold Out Services

DryFast Services team has performed Air Quality Mold Testing Daly City Project in a property there. They had to perform mold inspection and as you can see from the photos here they used for this purpose Zefon cassettes. They offer a considerably accurate method of determining the quality of the air in a certain environment.


Mold Testing Daly City
Zefon cassettes that DryFast Services team used for Mold Inspection in Daly City.

What we used for the project?

The purpose of these Air-O-Cell® cassettes is to detect a wide variety of airborne fungi such as mold spores, fibers (cellulose, fiberglass, clothing fibers, asbestos,etc.), skin cell fragments, pollen, insect parts. It also catches inorganic particles as copy toner, ceramic, fly ash, etc.

These cassettes have many advantages. One of them is that they contain collection media that has chemical stability, very smooth surface and clarity that gives us the opportunity to perform a wide scope of chemical, elemental and microbiological analysis techniques. Their collection media is adhesive which does not let the collected particulate to be washed off and reduces the risk of sample loss.

After the end of the sampling, an immediate microscopic analysis of both organic and inorganic particulate can be done. The cassettes  also perform efficiently at both high and low temperatures. They proved better than conventional sampling techniques because they give much broader picture of the levels of potential contaminants and allergens the air contains.

Air Quality Sampling with the help of Zefon cassettes
A box containing Zefon cassettes needed for the Mold Testing Daly City Project

Mold Testing Daly City Results

After the workers finish with the inspection they give the client detailed description of the Mold Inspection findings, Mold Remediation Protocol and Recommendations about what should be done to restore the quality of the indoor air and get rid of the mold source.

Our company also provides the clients with a detailed Mold Remediation cost, so that they are informed about the whole cost of the repairment of their damaged property.

If you are interested in more of our services, check the Air Quality Mold Testing section on our site.


Air Quality Sampling Project done by the team of Mold Out Services
One of the rooms of the house in Daly City inspected for mold by Mold Out Services


Air Quality Inspection Project in Daly City
One of the rooms of the property in Daly City where DryFast worked on their Air Quality Sampling Project.


Air Sampling Project in a Daly City property by Mold Out Services
DryFast team are cleaning the outside stairs of the property where they performed Mold Inspection.


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