Air Quality Mold Testing Project in Atherton

DryFast Services team are working on another Air Quality and Mold Testing Atherton Project. They are using Air-O-Cell® –a special sampling cassette which purpose is to collect a wide range of airborne aerosols. These aerosols include pollen, mold spores,  skin cell fragments, fibers such as fiberglass, asbestos, clothing fibers, cellulose and other. Also, it detects inorganic particulates like copy toner, ceramic, fly ash, etc. This sampling method is much better than the typical sampling techniques.

A proper mold inspection procedure includes air sampling for mold. It provides us with a clear understanding what kinds of contaminants the air contains. One of its advantages is that it determines the mold spore elevations in the property. The exact type of the mold species such as allergenic, pathogenic and mycotoxic is also under exploration. And also it shows whether the mold source is dormant or it’s actively developing. It’s good to know that even the mold source is dormant, it still can pose a threat to a person’s health and risks the condition of the property.

Mold Testing Atherton Results

When Mold Out team inspects a particular area for mold, it provides a sample of indoor and outdoor air. This name of this process is Air Sampling procedure and shows the exact level of airborn fungi.  The Zefon cassettes operate by using the principle of inertial impaction. When the workers finish with the sampling, they send the cassettes to a laboratory where the specialists perform a direct microscopic analysis of organic and inorganic particulate.

This sampling method is effective because sometimes mold can be difficult to be detected as it can appear at hidden spots. The mold spores that are airborne are not visible to the naked eye. Mold occurs in nature and it’s  normal for every building to have some forms of mold. A building without mold contamination should have approximately the same amount of fungi in the air as the surrounding outdoor environment.

The purpose of our mold inspection is to find unusual mold levels. We are have professional equipment to find and correct as quickly as possible the mold source. The reason for the latter can be either water or moisture.

If you are interested in more of our services, check the Air Quality Mold Testing section on our page.

Air Quality Mold Testing Project in Atherton by Mold Out Services
DryFast team are inspecting for mold spores in a property in Atherton


Mold Testing Atherton
DryFast team are performing Air Quality Testing in the backyard of the property.



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