Tony S. (San Jose, CA): DryFast is GREAT

Author: Tony S.

Location: San Jose, CA

“I was referred to Dry Fast for carpet cleaning from a friend. I did my homework and read the reviews on yelp but all the reviews are from 2010. So I went with my friend’s recommendation and decided to give them a try. DryFast is GREAT. They called to confirm the morning of my appointment. The tech called to confirm 2 hours before the appointment. DryFast was RIGHT ON TIME. I have a very large condo and was worried they were going to raise the price once they saw how many stairs I have to get to my carpets. They didn’t. The Tech proceeded to work and clean my carpets and explained the process as he went. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. There were a couple spots that were yellow that they were upfront and HONEST saying no one could get those out, but they tried. One of the breakers tripped (my fault) in my condo during the cleaning leaving no power to the downstairs and I couldn’t reset it. The Tech merely ran an extension cord to an area that had power, put on a headlamp and kept working in the dark. My carpets got cleaned just like they said, right when they said. It’s rare these days for great customer service and people that go beyond the call of duty. DRYFAST did a great job. I HIGHLY recommend DryFast Property restoration”.