KaWai C. (San Jose, CA): You can trust Dryfast

KaWai C. (San Jose, CA): You can trust Dryfast

Author: KaWai C.

Location: San Jose, CA

“My HVAC unit’s main and secondary drain pipes were clogged, causing the drain pan to overflow and my ceiling to drip water.
As a comparison of how good Georgio at DryFast is, you have to compare him with the technician that my insurance company sent. The technician (insurance company) didn’t even bother to go up in the attic to look at the source of the problem. He only detected one area of the hallway ceiling that I first pointed him to, and incorrectly concluded that no moisture had traveled to the baby’s room. He advised unnecessary work for up to $1500, which was below my deductible.
Georgio however, quickly detected another wet spot in the baby room because he had a more sophisticated hand-held humidity sensor. After he spent time in the attic getting his hands dirty by walking into the insulation looking for wet spots, he concluded that the heat circulating in the attic would dry out the remaining moisture, since no water dripped into the walls.

He even came back a week later to confirm that all the wet spots have completely dried. All of this at no charge.
These days, it is hard to find a businessmen that you can trust, but Georgio from DryFast is the rare jem that looks out for his customer’s interest first!
PS- This was the 2nd time I had to call Georgio. He did a great job restoring a rental property that was damaged due to a leaky water heater a few years ago. So there you have it, a guy who does great work, and also won’t con customers into doing unnecessary work”.