6 Areas We Might Ask You About Prior To The Mold Inspection

6 different areas Dryfast might ask you about prior to the mold inspection so we can locate the problem and deal with it much quicker.

Dryfast have the ability to visit your home to carry out a mold inspection, and using our vast knowledge along with specialist equipment we’ll find it. It’s only a matter of time before we locate the mold and find out how bad the problem is, but that doesn’t mean you don’t play a part in the process. In fact, some of the information you give us will be very beneficial and it can help to speed everything up, which I’m sure you’d appreciate. To help us out during the mold inspection, here are a few questions we might probe you on.

6 Areas We Might Ask You About Prior To The Free Mold InspectionProblems With Mold In The Past

If your home has ever had mold problems in the past, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to find the mold has come back in the same location. You will be able to inspect areas where mold has grown in the past if the locations are visible, but it might have occurred in places you won’t be able to see. If you can inform us of those locations it will usually be the first place we look depending on how close it is to the area you suspect the mold is growing due to things like musty odors.

Any Roof Damage

When you notice damage on the roof, you call someone out straight away so they can repair it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll notice it as soon as it happens, which means lots of water could easily have found its way into your home before the roof was fixed. We’ll want to know if your roof was recently repaired during the mold inspection, otherwise we’ll never know and the water that did get inside could easily be the cause of the mold inside your home.

Cracked Exterior Walls

Water works in a funny way, which means even though you have cracks in your exterior walls it doesn’t mean that will be the exact location mold ends up growing on the inside of your home. Once it gets inside a crack it can make its way anywhere, but to speed up the mold inspection you can tell us if you have any cracks on the exterior walls of your home and it will give us a better idea of where to begin our mold hunt.

Water Heater Leaks6 Areas We Might Ask You About Prior To The Free Mold Inspection

If there is one thing worse than the cost of replacing water heaters, it’s the mold damage they cause which only adds to the problem. If your water heater has been leaking you’ll see puddles on the floor underneath it, but you might not necessarily know where it’s all gone. We could come in and find a dry floor because you’ve cleaned up the spillage, so we’ll need to know if it was leaking any time before we arrived.

Any Leaky Windows

Windows are meant to keep the water out, yet over the years they’ll deteriorate until they’re unable to do their job properly. As with the water heater leaks, it will be impossible for us to know there was any leakages if it’s not raining and you’ve already cleaned the mess up. Tell us which of your windows are leaking and we’ll be able to locate the mold quicker even if it’s not directly underneath them.

Recent Drainage Problems

6 Areas We Might Ask You About Prior To The Mold InspectionWe already have a service dedicated to drainage problems, so we’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to the problems they cause. If you notice you’re suffering from a drainage problem, the damage could be worse than what you’re seeing come back out the other side. In reality the water could be escaping anywhere, so if you can inform us of recent drainage problems we’ll have a better idea of the areas the water might have escaped from.

It Should Only Take A Few Minutes

You don’t actually need to do any work when we’re carrying out the free mold inspection, but hopefully you can now see why answering these questions would make our job easier. If you have been experiencing problems with any of these things, it also adds to the chances of there being mold somewhere in your home. Once we know the answers to our questions it just means we’ll get to it a lot quicker.

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