5 Things You Might Not Know About The Mold Damage Restoration Process

Find out certain things about the mold damage restoration process you might not have known about until we carried out your inspection and gave you the report. Tell someone you’re going to remove mold from their home and it’s easy to guess what they’ll imagine. Someone down on their hands and knees scrubbing mold from surfaces with a touch of bleach and a lot of elbow grease.

That image might be common, but in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth. It might be wise to discuss a few things about the mold damage restoration process. This is just in case you’re about to have mold removed from your home. Everything will be explained on your report after we’ve completed the mold inspection so you know what we’ll be doing, but it won’t hurt to learn a few things right now.

There Will Be A Containment Barrier

When the television repair man is working in your home it’s easy to go about your daily business, because it’s not like he will release harmful mold spores into the air. Our work is different and there has to be safety measures put in place to make sure nothing happens to you, so the area we’re working in will be closed off behind a containment barrier. It’s only plastic sheeting around 6 millimeters thick with special restoration duct tape plastered around the sides. It’s great because it does the job perfectly and you’ll be 100% safe.

Mold Damage Restoration Process

Negative Air Pressure

The mold spores in your air are part of the reason why you are suffering from mold right now. So the last thing we need is for them to be flying through the air during the mold damage restoration process. It’s going to be hard when the mold is being disturbed as we work. We have a solution which involves using HEPA air filtration scrubbers to create negative pressure in the room. It’s more or less a complicated way of saying the air in the room will be constantly getting cleaned and no mold spores will be able to survive.

Damaged Material In Your Home

We will get rid of every single piece of material with mold currently destroying it. We’ll do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible to keep the air outside nice and clean. This involves a lengthy process of putting everything into two bags and taping the top shut when walking through clean areas. Although we could pass them through the window too. It will all then be disposed of at a proper facility instead of being dumped anywhere. Any materials that can be cleaned up won’t need to be thrown away.

Treating Your Framing

We’re not going to tear your home down and built it from scratch. Things like the framing won’t be ripped out. Instead we’ll use a special solution on it called Benefect. It’s a superb botanical disinfectant designed to kill every single mold spore in the world. That being said, if we happen to find black mold it will need to be treated with Fiberlock IAQ 2000, because the toxic mold is a lot more powerful and needs to be treated in its own way. Everything we do or use is recommend by the Environmental Protection Agency, and it’s the best quality stuff available.

5 Things You Might Not Know About The Mold Damage Restoration Process

Using Fungicidal Protective Coating

As experts of mold damage restoration, we know the best course of action is to stop mold from coming back in the first place. Although that might sound difficult, we’ve found giving the potential problem areas. А fungicidal protective coating is the best way to tackle it. It’s been formulated to work in all weather conditions, which is perfect considering mold loves anything wet. It will also last a very long timе. Аfter we’re gone the coating should protect you for years to come. It can be used in many different places.

Mold Damage Restoration Process

Those are a few of the things that would happen while we were in your home, until you got the inspection report. After your report is doneyou would know everything. There are other things we do like salvaging your personal belongings and completing a final check. I presume you already knew those sorts of things would happen. To start the process off you’re more than welcome to call us for a free initial inspection. Once it’s been completed, all of the above will become a reality.

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