5 Secrets Mold Inspectors Can Teach You To Protect Your Home

Find out all the secrets only mold inspectors know that will let you find problems early before you need to give Dryfast a call. Dryfast mold inspectors might seem like they possess magical powers because they can tell where it’s growing inside your home. If you call them out when you think you have a problem, you’ll be amazed by the mold discovering tricks they will be able to pull out of the bag. In reality they’ve just seen things a thousand times before and they automatically know where to look. That is something you won’t necessarily be able to do unless a problem is staring you in the face, so let’s look at some of the secrets mold inspectors could teach you.

Most Leaking Pipes Aren’t Visible

You always have to look out for the tiniest sign of water when you’re in front of a wall with plumbing behind it. Even though the amount of water might not seem like it’s anything to worry about, unless you have the ability to see through walls you won’t know what is on the other side. There could be a massive leak caused by faulty pipes on the back of the wall where lots of mold could be growing. You would never know for sure unless you looked there and those tiny signs of water could be all you would have to go on.

Mold Inspectors

Mold Is Caused By Condensation

Where you have cold surfaces in your home there is a possibility of mold growing. In the majority of cases this would be fine. Apart from pipes there isn’t many other areas it could occur without you noticing it. The main place you might overlook is concrete floors I’m not taking about the ones in your basement or garage. You have to be cautious of the concrete floors with carpets on the top of them. The mold can grow underneath and you’ll never notice it until the carpet becomes discolored.

Check The Attic Regularly

Unless you have a living area in your attic you probably don’t go up there regularly. The people who use it for storage space only need to go up when they’re putting things away or collecting something. The attic is the one place in your home where there is a guaranteed chance of puddles forming. This isbecause your roof won’t last forever and the mold inspectors know water will eventually find its way inside. Those who don’t spend time in their attic must still keep a close eye on it to be on the safe side.

5 Secrets Mold Inspectors Can Teach You To Protect Your Home

Lots Of Humidity Is A Bad Thing

Mold inspectors know it only takes a few days of high humidity before it can start growing in your home. This of course isn’t good if you live somewhere prone to humid spells. To make matters even worse, it sometimes won’t make a difference if you switch the humidifier on in your home. Some molds are able to grow as long as the humidity is sitting higher than 55%. You might think you’re safe until it’s too late. If you live in a humid area your humidifier should always be set to keep it below 55% to stay on the safe side.

A Lack Of Decent Ventilation

As the air leaves your home the moisture will disappear into the atmosphere. When it can’t get away you will end up with little bits of moist air. Eventually if they can’t escape you could end up with mold in places around your home. Terrible ventilation also means the rooms in your home won’t end up drying as fast as they should. We already know when dampness is allowed to sit for a certain length of time. It won’t be long before you come across mold.

Secrets Only Mold Inspectors Know

So now you know some of the secrets only mold inspectors know about. Instead of thinking they can produce miracles when they visit your home you’ll be able to take care of more things by yourself. If you don’t manage to get your mold under control you should still call Dryfast as quickly as possible so we can fix your situation before it gets any worse. At the very least you’ll now be able to stop a mold problem earlier than usual.

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