24/7 Emergency Board up Service Facts

Dryfast, trusted Board Up Service Providers!

Disasters occur all the time in our environments. They could be natural disasters or accidental disasters. They ruin our property and most dangerous of all risk our lives. In such circumstances or experiences, we need help from trained personnel who know how to handle the situation so that we can save all we can. Dryfast puts the safety of their clients before anything. Whether its disasters, insect infestations or any other kind of damage, having a 24/7 board up service makes it easier.

Dryfast Board up Services

There is a range of services that emergency board up provides. Here are some of them and how one can benefit from them. Damage caused by water, damage caused by fire, construction services, drain and sewer cleaning, insect and animal damages, infestation of all kinds, mold redemption and others.

Dryfast a 24/7 emergency board up service and general contractors provides inspection in case of any damages caused by water and their services are available on 24/7 basis. A company that works with insurance companies specialized in property insurance directly for you handling claims of water insurance for you all the way without extra money. In case you have no active water insurance policy, you are also considered because they have discounted rates for customers who want to pay in cash. From removing carpet pads, contaminated water, furniture to be relocated, wet drywalls, hardwood flooring and others, this company is efficient for all the below services.

Dryfast, trusted Board Up Service Providers
Dryfast, trusted Board Up Service Providers! Disasters occur all the time in our environments. They could be natural disasters or accidental disasters.

Mold inspection

When inspecting molds it should be done thoroughly and with as much detail as possible. It should be known if there was pre-existing mold or existing leaks, damages on the roof, cracked walls, drainage problems, etc. dryfast conducts such services as part of their package.

Water damage

In case of damages caused by water like over flooding, contamination, blockages, etc. the response is as quick as 45 minutes. Once you have such damage, before it becomes mores more dangerous one needs to see the services of a reliable general contractor that specializes in damages caused by water to take the situation under control. Some of the services done by such contractors are extraction of water, removing materials that are damaged by water, providing dehumidification to cavities, wet sub floors, etc. at dryfast speed is a prime factor and of much importance. With the latest equipment for the services, this company does not fail in its delivery since it’s very efficient.


They handle your disasters with utmost urgency and care. Whether you need water damage services, fire damages, insect infestation or any other, dryfast ensures that you are attended to within 45 minutes to one hour of your call. They are efficient and quick enough to catch the damage before it becomes life threatening or worse.

In addition to that, they will document the entire process for you making it easy to follow up with insurance claims after the damage has occurred. They will also assist you to file for the insurance claims from start to finish handling the paper work, and communication for you.

They also have very favorable rates for people who are v=clearing the bill out of their own pocket. They will make it easy for you even if you have little money and need urgent services. Services you need before the damages become secondary.

They utilize the latest equipment for their dehumidification, restoration etc. with such equipment the probabilities of being efficient are high and hence there is no worry of having half done work or short lasting successes. You don’t have to worry about going through the same mess again.

They have qualified and efficient staff. They secure all your property before they leave the scene leaving no possibilities for you to be in danger from your own property. There is no additional loss of property through burglary. Availability of a board up truck loaded with plywood ensures the safety of your property and gives you assurance. Prevent personal injuries that can most probably become a liability for you. Before they leave the scene, they secure your property.


When our homes are infested by animals and insects like raccoons, rats, flies, mouse, bird faces, etc. the place becomes unbearable and even sometimes unhealthy for your families especially in the case of an infant. It’s very easy for them to get infections and hence they need safe environments to be perfectly healthy. This is a case that is most likely to happen hence we need to have on speed dial a company that handle it for you on time and very safely not to make it worse. Insects, however small they may seem can cause extensive damage to our homes and properties and hence should be dealt with immediately and with much aggression.

What Dryfast does for you in this situation

They handle he infestation thoroughly whether it’s insect or animal. They identify the cause of it and the point where they begin and deal with it from there order to completely eliminate the problem. Making sure the infestation does not re-occur is their first priority.

They also fill out the insurance forms and help out with the paper work of the insurance making sure to document it all.

Early detection of such infestations can save you a lot of money for repairs and handling the situation. When Dryfast finish containing the infestation for you, they show you how to keep your home safe by leaving your property contained and safe from such infestations. If left untreated, rats and squirrels can chew and destroy expensive property. Termites eat at your wood causing extensive damage and all this can be avoided by catching it early and contracting Dryfast. Some of these insects like bedbugs can affect you and your family directly and bring about health problems.

Dryfast also makes you feel safe because they are on call at every hour of the day ready to respond to your call and handle your problems within 45 minutes depending on your location. They are reliable fast and efficient.

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