1550 bay water damage Marin district

1550 bay water damage Marin district
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1550 bay water damage Marin district

Durning a remodeling in the upper apartment the electrician acidently drilled into a pipe in the kitchen. We were called out by the property management company and quick ly asses lt the situation. Cabinets and drywall were removed in order to get to all the wet insulation that was trapped behind the wall and plywood. After that all affected carpet was removed and vinyl in the kitchen. Vinyl acts as a moisture barrier once it gets wet since it traps moisture under it which cannot be dryied.
Unit underneath had damage on the ceiling and behind the cabinets too. Since this unit was occupied and we did not want to disturb the resident. Our techs opened up a small area above the cabinet s and one in between so they can ventilate the wall cavity and remove the wet insulation. Than they set up a lay flat duct to point all the air into the cavity and focus the drying only where its needed.

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